Hello chickens! I know you must be incredibly busy with Christmas/Black Friday/Cyber shopping so I've decided that today's post should be rather short & sweet. And quick & easy! As you might have guessed from the home & garden section of this blog I do have a thing for plants, plant pots, growing from seeds and everything green. Especially when you enjoy growing plants from seeds you often happen to run out of planters. Which sucks. And it sucks twice as bad if you're having a 'planting everything you can find' kind of day. So what do you do to avoid such gardening setbacks?

Here's what you do:
1. Wake up
2. Cook yourself a good hearty English breakfast 
3. Don't forget to warm up some canned beans
4. Oh, you now have an empty can!
5. Wash it 
6. Peel of the label (super easy, they only glue them in a small place on the fold)
7. You now have a beautiful steam-punk style planter! 

Just on a side note - I do recommend these for cacti because you don't necessarily need drainage for them (unless you're an over-watering goblin). If you want to use them as permanent planters for more water sensitive plants I recommend you take a little more time and drill a hole in the bottom. To spice things up you can also spray paint the planters which I've done before too - super easy!

Now go and have some beanos or maybe use a can of chopped tomatoes for today's spag bol?