Although I've been living in this house for a little over half a year now, I still haven't finished all the rooms completely. When you live in a house that comes completely unfurnished, you can't really expect everything to materialize overnight. It takes time, monies and some strategic interior design thinking. The bedroom has felt rather empty since the very start and to date there hasn't been much improvement. Until the last week or so, that is. Come for a little sneak peek into my bedroom - and let me give you a few tips on how to get that rustic & industrial vibe!

When I have my very own place I'm definitely bricking the backdrop wall in my bedroom. Be it an actual brick wall - just stripping it off to the bare brickness of it or wallpapering it. The bricks are the best! For now I shall suffice with wall decor in the form of frames, pictures & photographs. The trio of images above the bed are three of my favourite paintings from Renoir, Kahlo & Gogh, all clipped onto Ikea clipboards. Don't they look lush? 

Some forget that bedroom is the place of peacefulness and sleep (or ya know, the naughty things - unless your name's Christian and you do it in your basement, meh). The bed and your cushions, duvets (and the blanket fort) is the ultimate centerpiece of the bedroom. Now, to play the game pick your bed sheets and your bedspread accordingly to what theme or vibe you're going for. Mine is red tartan (definitely the fanciest set ever because it's double sided, oh my god!) from the Yorkshire Linen Company. You can get the exact same one here or browse the rest of their collection - they have a huuuge range to choose from and the sets are super affordable! Together with the fur cushions (from Asda) it gives the room a proper rustic vibe me thinks!    

Don't forget about the little ones please. When Cookie doesn't sleep in his shark bed, then he ends up sleeping in the bed with me (which is more often than I'd like it to be - the little one bloody snores like a 60 year old man!). And when I boot him off for dribbling on me or the aforementioned monster snores, he usually settles on a chair which I've put a cushion on for him. He can then nod comfortably in the corner of the room with me just a few steps away. There's also a fish tank in the bedroom which works as a nice night lamp when you just want a dim serene lighting in the room.     

Any candle is a little joy in the house - however the ones for your bedroom are the most important ones. Why? Because scents can influence not only the quality of your sleep but also your dreams. And what's worse than giving yourself a nightmare by something as silly as picking the wrong candle! The ones I have in the bedroom are from TKMaxx and they smell amazing - I tend to pick the ones which have rich wooden scents because they go with the country industrial theme I'm trying to go with in this room. 

And obviously add anything that's you - it's your bedroom after all! I have a bunch of books I'm currently reading on my bed side table, together with a little Japanese style lamp which I got from a charity shop - this needs a little tweaking though, maybe an Edison light bulb? I also have a bunch of plants here - a little fig tree, a tiny white flower and only yesterday I bought this adorable terrarium for some succulents which I'm planning on hanging from the ceiling as a hanging planter.

There's still a good chunk of work to be done in the bedroom but you can already see how the room's shaping - exciting

What's the 'theme' of your bedroom?