Father's Day gift ideas 2016
I find my Dad to be the most difficult person to buy for, seriously - like, the most difficult in the whole world. He doesn't like technology, he doesn't care for fashion and he doesn't do trips. That's why I mostly resort to books (bloody hard when you live in the UK and you're buying books for a dad who can't speak English, baaah!) and vinyls (new music will always be made so I doubt I'll ever run out of ammunition on this one, phew!). What presents do you get for your Dad? Here are a few tips I've pulled out of my sleeves for ya - happy Father's Day!

If your Dad's anything like mine then music is the way to go. CDs are good but obviously vinyls give a much better quality of sound. Your Dad doesn't have a turntable? Easily solved. Get him one of the nice Crosley turntables (click here) first and then each year you can treat him to a brand new vinyl. Forward planning, that's what this is. Boom! PS - David Bowie's new album is this year's must, obvs.

The 21st century dads are big on experiences. You get get him something as simple (and affordable) as a dining experience or a cooking class (click here) or you can go a little less low key and get him a National Park experience or even a European city break (click here). Or you know, you can go super wild and get him a day of zorbing or a bungee jump (click here), the possibilities are unlimited!

Dad's usually like their books, don't they. This is exactly the space where you can go really deep into your Dad's specific interests. Is your Dad a keen gardener? Then Alan Titchmarsh's books are the ones (click here). Is your Dad big on beers but a crateful seems a little excessive? Mark Dredge's Beer & Food is a strong candidate (click here).

Some dads (definitely not my Dad to be precise here) are a bit more upbeat about modern technology and enjoy all those funky little gadgets and techy inventions. The answer here is a drone (click here). Drones are bloody cool aren't they? I'm obsessing over YouTube videos with drone footage in them - they just look so professional and surreal! If your Dad couldn't care less about drones, can you get me one please?

The absolute easiest to buy for are the style dads - the dads who enjoy their expensive aftershaves and silky ties - and one can never have enough of expensive aftershaves and silky ties, FACT. Although Daniel Wellington watches are the shiz right now, I do recommend having a look slightly outside of the DW box (see what I did there??). The Horse is an Australian brand which takes me breath away - their watches are stunning (click here)! Oh, your Dad is a little hipster-esque? With a big beard and a birds nest for hair? Then the Great British Grooming Company is your man. Their products are super affordable but have a luxurious feel to them - keep your eyes peeled for these in your local Superdrug (or click here).

What's the most creative present you ever got for your Dad?
Happy Father's Day!!