5 easy ways to add colour to your home
Recently I've been really into adding pops of colour to our home. Especially as someone who dwells in the past and surrounds herself with all things vintage (read: books with a 100 year old dirty covers, tarnished bronze decorations, faded terracotta planters & dark-wood everything) you soon realise that all these moody colours are leaving you feeling a little meh. I've learnt that even though bright colours aren't my thing (not in the slightest) you sometimes do need them. They can influence your mood, sway your thinking, change your appetite and even affect your blood pressure. The 2017 task for this household is pretty clear - inject a burst of rainbow brightness into every room (okay, maybe not a burst - perhaps a couple of drops).

How to add a kaleidoscope of colours into your home?

🏘️ Turn your room into a greenhouse

The easiest, simplest and perhaps least invasive way of adding colour to a home that's not majorly vibrant is by getting the jungle vibe going. Play with different shades of green - from the Pantone Greenery shade of Monstera to the cheerful bright green of Boston Fern all the way to the deep burgundy leaves of Ficus Elastica. You can always pick a bright plant pot to go with your chosen greenery or even make one yourself (perhaps this DIY Anthropologie inspired one I made a few weeks back). Or if you're feeling really cautious and indecisive just grab a bunch of cut flowers from your local flower stall!

🏘️ Embellish the windows

There's a saying that windows are the eyes of a house. Add a sweep of eyeshadows to your home! Embellish those peepers! You can pick a bright Venetian blind for your living room or perhaps a printed curtain for the bedroom. Or just go for a bold block colour. Some colours can make your space look optically smaller when framing the source of light so do give the colour choice a careful thought. Rich green curtains look expensive (although don't necessarily have to be - like these gorgeous ones here), yellow curtains add a fun element and red ones look particularly cosy in the kitchen. There are so many possibilities!  

🏘️ Raise your cushion game

Cushions and textiles in general are such a simple & affordable way of adding pops of colours around the whole house. You can get pretty cushions for many places - from Primark (they have some super pretty ones in right now, with palm tree leaves and flamingos and everything!), Asda (you can find some extra sassy ones there) or online (my Frida Kahlo ones are from Aliexpress - here for just £2.50). Or you can get all arty & make your own Mexican inspired cushions like I did.

🏘️ Don't be scared of paint 

Paint is a friend. It's an easy way to turn dull pieces into bright stars and breathe new life into items that you were about to list on Gumtree. Give that old cabinet a lick of paint - perhaps red or turquoise! And if it's too bright for your liking you can use a chalk paint or one of those paints that give you a crackled shabby chic effect for a bit of a softer finish. Paint plant pots, house doors, fish tanks, old candle jars, frames, re-purpose old plastic toys and plain white mugs you haven't used a single time in the past 3 years.

🏘️ Those 100 year old plates though

Plates back in the day were so much more fun! I've been collecting vintage plates and kitchenalia for a couple of years now and it's one of the best interior design decisions I've ever made. Vintage plates are bloody beautiful - they have different patterns on them, come in different shapes (some are really large, some are oddly lumpy), tell different stories. And you know what's especially ace? You don't have to shove them away in a cupboard, they are way too pretty for that. You can leave them on the worktop, in the dish rack, sometimes even in the sink right...

What's your favourite way of adding a pop of colour to your home?

5 easy ways to add colour to your home