6 blogs I've actually read in January 2017
After the success of my post on 6 blogs I've actually read in December 2016 I've made the executive decision (because when you're a full time self-employed that's what you ought to do, yes!) that this will become a regular post on Cityscape Bliss. Every 1st of the month you can add 6 outstanding, heart-grabbing and just drop dead gorgeous blogs to your reading list. Ones that I've read heaps and heaps of blog posts on, ones that I keep going back to for more because their writing style, their photography skills and you know - charisma means one blog post ain't ever enough.


📃 The She Approach (discover here)
The She Approach is only very young however in that very short space of time Ana has created an immensely powerful destination where she entertains, encourages & empowers. Her catchy titles draw you in and the articles do not disappoint one bit. With her gorgeous little pooch princess Flicka (who has her own Instagram, obviously) by her side she takes on topics like affiliate marketing, money saving and life hacks. Read how she made her first affiliate sale here - in a real lady boss style!

📃 Style & Life by Susana (explore here)
Susana is a truly inspirational lady. Her blog posts are usually the ones you drink a cup of tea with, snuggled up in a blanket pretending it's a book rather than a one-pager. I find her writing style incredibly immersive - one that makes you forget you've been sat here reading for half an hour. Susana's blog is predominantly centred around fashion however she also touches on her incredibly brave IVF journey, pop culture reviews, beauty tips and more. You can learn more about her by reading this post.   

📃 Ordinary Life (have a peek here)
This is a blog written in Czech - before you skip because well, you won't bloody understand a word of it, hear me out please. There's no other place where you would find such a comprehensive overview of beauty products & new releases coming to the Czech Republic. Rendy updates her blog pretty much daily and she's absolutely spot on when it comes to the beauty industry. I mean look at this post - that make-up blender - what is that even?! It's one to check out before your next weekend break in Prague or any trip to Sephora really.

📃 Cassie Bustamante (admire it here)
Cassie's blog is one of those American blogs of dreams. It's all about interior design, cosying up your home and creating the most stunning personal space full of stories and tales. Her home is full of greenery (Pantone goals for 2017 ticked!), vintage finds and tips on how to create a warm welcoming nest without spending a painful amount of money. Have a walk through her living room here - it's beauty! Oh, and don't forget to check out her new Etsy shop here - SO. MANY. mid-century style finds!

📃 Sailboat (enjoy it here)
I've been reading Jennie's blog for years now (I think she started about 7 years ago) and can remember when it was all about pretty lipsticks and all things beauty. I've been admiring Jennie's blog ever since I started reading it and the transition from beauty to lifestyle and then to an even more beautiful blog full of meaningful deep thoughts has been amazing to watch. Sailboat is now overflowing with life reflections and reading Jennie's words makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus her taste in literature is the best and her sense of humour makes me giggle - read about raspberry jelly & sofa adverts here.

📃 So On Trend (have a browse here)
Tasha's blog has been around for a handful of years too and started as a thrifty fashion destination. Fancy collars, burgundy and mustard and the most impeccable winged eyeliner. I have been an avid reader since those very times and when Tasha took a break from blogging I hopped onto Instagram to follow her journey like a good loyal reader a right stalker. She's now back in full force (oh how happy that makes me!) and her latest posts on her trip to Sri Lanka are nothing short of beautiful. The photographs of never-ending green forests and mighty elephants make me wanna squeal (and pack my bags whilst booking a one way ticket to Kandy). See it all in this post!

Which blogs have you been reading this month & smiling quietly to yourself because they were just THAT good?  

Note: The Timeless planner is from My Little Box January 2017 & the pretty polka dot pen is from Velvet Ghost's Primark range.

6 blogs I've actually read in January 2017


6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read