Is it really bad that I'm way too lazy to have a pamper day? Meh, I know. Sorry not sorry. But every now & then I do feel like slappin' on some extra layers of cream/mud/wax/insert any sort of pampering substance you prefer. Let's have a look at my latest pamper companions

Since we haven't got a bath tub in our flat, I can't impress you by an immense amount of Lush product in my 'Lush box'. What I can impress you with though is my sense of time management - waxing is a part of my so called pampering routine. WHAT. Well it takes bloody ages and you sort of need a few shorts of rum before and after to survive the pain. Which ultimately makes it a pampering moment for me. Especially when using these new Sweetease waxing kits - the packaging is so cheerful and they don't leave any annoying wax residue. After all the pain, I use Luxury Legs dry body oil which has got really fine golden shimmer in it and makes your legs (and arms) feels so so soft. It looks really nice even for going out as it reflect lovely in artificial light!  

On my face I've been using Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Mask which is the closest product I've found to the Glamglow masks (I refuse to pay £40 for a face mask which ultimately ends up down the drain). It makes my pores feel a little tighter, especially on my nose which is a great result! On my hair I've been loving Wen Sweet Almond Mint Intensive Hair Treatment. Not only that Wen products smell absolutely lush, they also make my hair totally tangle-free. And by that I mean you go into shower with super tangly non-brushed hair and you come out with every single hair separated.   

Sunday also means reading books. As many as time allows. I've mentioned Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes in a post here, however I find myself reading little bits of it just about every weekend. It's so full of knowledge and tells you so many things you didn't even know existed! On top of this intellectual food I've also been enjoying wrappin' myself in a veil of winter scents - especially Fire & Gingerbread from the Library of Fragrance (full review here). The combination of these two scents makes me feel so ridiculously cosy! 

Do you have regular pamper nights?
What do you usually do to pamper yourself?