Why is derma-rolling the best thing that's happened to my skin: Banish Skincare review
If you've read my Effaclar journey then you know that my skin is far from perfect. When I was very young I had an ugly bout of acne (triggered by an allergic reaction to a bloomin' chemical that was in blackcurrant juice - I can still remember the packaging and where I put it when I was sitting in the classroom - that's how traumatised I was afterwards!). I tried all sorts of treatments and lotions from Colgate to an £80 serum. And they all worked in a way but it wasn't until I started using Effaclar that I saw the best results. I was left with spot-less skin however it did still have a lot of little 'freckles' on it. I'm saying 'freckles' because they weren't really freckles, they were blemishes

🌺 So how did I get rid of acne-scar blemishes?

It took me 12 years to fully figure out how to do it. I've tried loads of masks, serums, scrubs and they all kind of worked. Some of them better, some of them less so. But then the sun came out and the blemishes were back. A spot popped up on my chin and the blemishes were back. I slathered myself in fake tan and the blemishes were back. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about if you have blemish-prone skin. It's a bloody pain. It wasn't until I was introduced to derma-rolling a few months ago when I started noticing a mind-blowing difference. 

🌺 What is derma-rolling (also called micro-needling)?

Derma-rolling is a skincare treatment or even therapy if you like (it's dead relaxing too). You use a derma-roller - a little wheelie tool which is covered in hundreds of tiny needles. Rolling this tool across your skin means these micro-needles are leaving teeny weeny holes in your skin. The natural reaction of your body to this is to increase production of collagen & elastin to repair these little buggers. And what makes skin plump, smooth & wrinkle free? Collagen & elastin, you got it. Not only is your skin already on the mend from all the repair action - it also allows all your lotions and potions to penetrate your skin much easier, therefore working much better!

Think of it along the same lines as going to the gym. You exercise and push your muscles to the max, essentially making little ripples in them. Whilst you're sipping on you favourite banana protein shake, these little tears are healing making your muscles bigger, better and stronger. Derma-rolling is very similar to this - there's no gimmick to it, it's pretty much common sense! You can also see a nifty video on how to use the derma-roller here

🌺 What are the benefits of derma-rolling?  

You can use derma-rolling in many different ways to achieve different effects (under your eyes, on your lips, on your neck, or even on your stretch marks), but wherever you decide to use it the results are effin' amazing! 
📎 Increased production of collagen & elastin which means plumper & smoother skin.
📎 All your skincare products will improve in effectiveness - since penetration will be easier and your skin will be more responsive.
📎 It also means that your blemishes will fade away due to the collagen boost & improved product penetration. 
📎 It doesn't hurt - the needles might look scary but I promise you it doesn't hurt. 
📎 It's not crazy expensive like micro-derm abrasion treatments, laser treatments or chemical peels. 
📎 You can use derma-rollers from your home (whilst watching Making a Murderer) so no annoying trips to a beauty salon.
📎 It's pretty damn quick - I'm talking 5 minutes once or twice a week kind of quick!
📎 You can use it even if you have active acne - just avoid the parts where your spots are!
📎 You will see (& feel) immediate results - after just one use you will be able to see the plumpness and flawlessness of your skin.

🌺 Banish Skincare starter kit review

I've been introduced to derma-rolling through Banish Skincare & their Starter Kit (buy it here). I can't tell you whether any other derma-rollers will perform the same, whether the needles on them will hurt or whether they'll work at all but I can tell you all about this bloody amazing kit (and no, I ain't paid to say it's jaw-dropping fabulous). 

✔️️ Banish Vitamin C Serum (buy it here): Facial oils are my favourite product to use on my skin so I might be a little biased here. This serum contains Vitamin C, E and Ferulic acid - it's basically a strong mix of antioxidants & vitamins which once you've derma-rolled your skin, penetrates super easily. I also find that it calms my skin after the micro-needling action so there's just very little redness coming up on my cheeks & forehead. 
✔️️ Banish Vitamin C Beauty Elixir (buy it here): I've already mentioned this elixir in the round up of my favourite toners last month - still a strong favourite of mine! 
✔️️ Banish Active Charcoal Clay Masque (buy it here): I have a love-hate relationship with powder masks. They work really well but the mess I make when applying them is just insane. I usually resort to applying this just on my nose where I'm at my oiliest.  
✔️️ Banish Pumpkin Enzyme Masque (buy it here): This might be a strong statement in the world of face masks but this is most definitely the best mask I've ever used. It smells just like a pumpkin (yet it does NOT taste like one, I may have tried). It's bright orange and it tingles like there's no tomorrow but once you wash it off you're left with the smoothest skin (and you can see and feel it, I don't even know how it's possible that it makes such a difference). 
✔️️ Banish Medium Banisher (buy it here): The mighty tool itself covered in hundreds of micro titanium needles.  
✔️️ Banish Pen Stamp (buy it here): You're advised to buy the pen when you have active acne so you can go around the spots easily - I have not used this much because I only have the odd spot and am more focusing on blemishes.   
✔️️ Banish Pore Smasher (buy it here): There are two ways to use the Pore Smasher - you can use it to numb your skin prior to using a derma-roller (you just pop it into the freezer and then roll it on your skin) or you can use it to tighten your pores (the same method). I only have large pores on my nose and under my eyes which means the Pore Smasher is a little difficult to use due to its size. If you have larger pores on your forehead, cheeks or even chin I think this would be much better suited for you! 

Have you tried derma-rolling yet?
If so, what's your opinion on it? Does it work for you?

Banish Skincare Review

Banish Skincare Review

Why is derma-rolling the best thing that's happened to my skin: Banish Skincare review
Why is derma-rolling the best thing that's happened to my skin: Banish Skincare review
Why is derma-rolling the best thing that's happened to my skin: Banish Skincare review
💭 I have been sent the kit for trial (thank you!) however the blemishes I had were my very own (& were on my face for about 12 years, oh yes) and you may have even noticed that my selfie game of late has been extra blemish-less.