Tannymaxx Beluga review
Ever wondered why your tan (be it the real sun kissed one or the one from a bottle) doesn't stay on as long as it does on other people? Why your skin flakes the most at the time when it should be all bronzed and beautiful? Why there are dry patches on your elbows and knees? Could it be because it got used to your current moisturiser? No. Your skin can't actually get used to a skincare product rendering it useless - but it can reach a plateau when you stop seeing any further improvement. That's the time to find a new moisturising strategy (read: get a moisturiser that works better)! Tannymaxx - a German brand of body care, skin care and tanning products might just have the answer for you!   

Tannymaxx are a Germany-based beauty brand who have now finally launching in the UK! The brand has an impressively long track record (as old as me, oh hello when's your birthday?) and I do remember their products from when I was younger. Since the Czech Republic is just a stone's throw away from Germany I used to come across their brands much more often than I do here in the UK. I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am that they are finally hitting the UK! Tannymaxx offer three different beauty ranges:

☀️️ Solar Cosmetics: You can choose from a wide range of pioneering tanning, self-tanning and tan-enhancing products - all containing only ingredients of the highest quality. Tannymaxx have even received the special UV Relax certification!
☀️️Body Care: Tannymaxx body care is centered around complexes of ingredients protecting your skin from harmful environmental effects creating a natural protective shield.
☀️️ Face Care: Because your face sometimes needs that extra special treatment! This range includes products specifically for women and also men (Valentine's Day hint right there).

Trying the Tannymaxx Beluga Luxury Moisturiser from their body care range has reminded me how much difference a specialist product can make.

🌿 TANNYMAXX BELUGA LUXURY MOISTURISER REVIEW (buy here or in selected Tanning Shops)
The signature luxury packaging of all Tannymaxx products is just gorgeous! The bright colours with a dash of sparkly work wonderfully together making each piece in their range a real centrepiece on your vanity. The product itself is a very light lotion which can be used for both face & body. It contains a jojoba seed oil and caviar extracts to give that around the clock slow release moisture and aloe vera together with urea for restoration. I find the soft balmy scent of Beluga ever so calming and relaxing - it definitely has some base notes of holiday in it. The formula soaks in really quickly so you don't even have to wait before putting your clothes on, or before applying your fake tan or an SPF if lounging in the sun. And it's completely non-sticky!

Why should you try Beluga?
πŸ“Its intelligent high quality ingredients (jojoba seed oil and caviar amongst others) give your skin that slow release moisture which ensures a long-lasting tan (both natural & from the bottle)
πŸ“It contains aloe vera and urea which enable skin restoration (less wrinkles and stronger barrier against environmental damage)
πŸ“A quick-dry formula
πŸ“A soft clean balmy scent which doesn't clash with your perfume
πŸ“Can be used for both face & body
πŸ“And the packaging is just to die for (have I mentioned how seriously Instagrammable it is?)

You can also pair this moisturiser with a Beluga Tan Preparer and Beluga Bronzer if you're looking to really enhance your tan! You can find these products here.

If you ask me I think we will be hearing much more about Tannymaxx in 2017 - it's such a huge beauty brand that's only just on the cusp of entering the UK market and my humble prediction is that it's going to be big!

Have you tried any Tannymaxx products yet?
Perhaps when on holiday in Europe?

Which moisturiser to choose for tanning & self-tanning?

Which moisturiser to choose for tanning & self-tanning?

Which moisturiser to choose for tanning & self-tanning?
Which moisturiser to choose for tanning & self-tanning?Which moisturiser to choose for tanning & self-tanning?
πŸ’­ This post in collaboration with Tannymaxx however my love a good tan and smooth flawless skin is my very own.