Yves Rocher reviews
Last week I spent in the Czech Republic (check out pictures from my trip here), and although I did spend most of the time with my family, I did make a cheeky trip to the city and popped to a few of my favourite shops - one of them being Yves Rocher. Just before I left for my brief adventure, I made a Christmas wishlist post (see it here) of things I really like from this brand, and as it goes - I obviously left some pennies (read Czech korunas) in the store, oops (some of them included below)! Here's a selection of 5 things I'm convinced any woman would appreciate to find in their Christmas stocking (plus they are all on offer, shhhhh)!         

Moisturising cream lipstick in Rose Alba (£15 £7.50): Yves Rocher lipstick packaging is quite neutral but not boring. The shape of the lid is characteristic to the brand, which I think is a great way to add an Yves Rocher touch to the product and the lipstick itself is a lovely quality. It's very creamy and moisturising (ideal for winter) and has got the classic lipstick scent to it which I find very pleasant. The colour is a nude-ish pink with fine shimmer which suits pretty much every skin tone.    
Grand Rouge collector lipstick in Gold (£19 £10): This is such a gorgeous lipstick - the packaging is right up my street with the golden tones and sleek design. What strikes me the most is how similar the shade is to my beloved Michael Kors lipstick in Diva. Considering that this dupe saves you almost £14 and the shade variation is so minor, this is a win from Yves Rocher for me! I might need to grab another one right after Christmas because I'm using this one and the MK one as frequently as lip balms (hides face).  
Secrets D'Essences Vanille Noire (£49 £24.50): This beautiful perfume comes in a sleek 50ml bottle and smells just like the name implies - a deep dark vanilla scent which is more suitable for evening wear or maybe even a winter day wear. It's one of those scents that goes well with a chunky knit and a mug of mulled wine, ya know.  
Flowerparty by Night (£38 £19): Another pretty scent from YR, Flowerparty is definitely  a younger scent for daily wear (although it's called 'by night', erhm) and comes in an adorable bottle with a flower for the lid. Oh how sweet!
Comme Une Evidence (£49 £26.95): A very light floral fragrance in the best bottle ever. It's only 30ml but the design definitely makes up for the size! The pear-spray bottle looks just beautiful on a dressing table! I'm already on my second bottle of this perfume, cough cough, just sayin'. 

In addition to the above a bonus gift tip is their Lash Plumping Mascara in Waterproof Black (£18.50 £9.25) which I unfortunately don't have in my mitts anymore as my mum confiscated it on grounds of its awesomness. It doesn't give you much length but in terms of volume it's great. Just make sure you have a strong oil make-up remover on hand to take it off after a long Christmas party night! 

In all honesty, I can't fault Yves Rocher products, they all have this luxurious Parisian feel to them and with the quality offers they always put on, Yves Rocher definitely won't break your bank. The only criticism I've got for the company is to finally open some high street stores in the UK, I swear to God that'd be da bomb

Have you ever got any Yves Rocher products for Christmas?

Yves Rocher reviews

Yves Rocher reviews