New Look gift guide

They are having some beyond beautiful pieces in New Look right now, did ya know? I've been trying to get some last minute presents this weekend and apart from the advantage of having a New Look store right on my door step (literally a two minute walk, get in!), it's also one of the best stores for last minute present buying. And they have got sale on already, double score!

lace underwear - bodysuitbra & briefs 
dark metal watch - with gems & blue rim

These are some of my favourite items from New Look at the moment - and some of which I've actually bought for my Secret Santa at work (not the lace lingerie, errm) and even for some of my friends. Their statement necklaces are definitely my favourite on the high street (beat Topshop anytime!). Now if you're really struggling and you just don't have a clue what to get, you can try their Christmas Gift Generator. Answer a few questions about your giftee (such as their age, gender etc) and it'll give you a range of options. Actually a pretty damn useful thing when it's 24th and you're in one deep erm struggle

Have you already bought all your Christmas presents?
Or do you tend to go through the standard last minute panic shopping like me?