What's in my bag: boyfriend edition
Do you remember the website called 'What's in my bag'? Where has it gone??! I used to love it man! Baah! Nevermind - for those who don't remember it or never had the luck to come across it - it was a website which was showing what's in handbags of various influencers. To pay homage to all the What's in my bag posts out there, here's a boyfriend edition for your - because let's be realistic, all women carry around the same junk - 10 lipsticks they never use, a hair brush with a bunch of hair stuck to it, chocolate wrappers and maybe one or two bricks to add to the weight of their bag. We've all been there. Now, what's in Shaun's bag?

sunglasses (Sundried): Sundried is officially launching in 2016 so these are not available to purchase yet, but you can tell that the brand is coming out with some really swanky pieces - a pair of bamboo sunglasses, that's just too cool!  
Botanics Men's refreshing eye roll-on (£6.99, Boots): Because men can't cover up their under eye circles with industrial strength concealer. Doh
keys & a wallet
iPhone with a Rambo case (£19, CaseApp): What's a better way to express your interests than having a swanky phone case? This one is the ultimate representation of a guy who loves boxing and art. 
DW Oxford watch (£2.30, Aliexpress): This is obviously not a real deal for such a low price but it's a really good way to find whether you like the style enough to pay 50 times more for the brand.  
Vaseline lip therapy (£1.95, Boots): No shame in having rosy lips. 
pin badges (Pussycat Riot): Supporting the Pussycat Riot movement against online censorship all the way.   
 Issey Miyake Pour Homme perfume (£60, Boots): Girlfriend approved.    
Molly Antopol: The UnAmericans (£8.99, Amazon): A book from our first month of the book club. 

What's in your boyfriend's bag?