What I've learnt from the Global Educating Artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty
At the end of 2016 I had the honour to meet Yvonne - the Global Educating Artist at Marc Jacobs Beauty (you can find her on Instagram here). Let's put aside that she's so so sweet and funny - she's also mind-blowingly talented and knowledgeable when it comes to make-up. Like - you can't even imagine. And she was kind enough to spruce up my face on the day whilst giving me (& a bunch of other ladies) a few make-up tips that have changed the way I see certain beauty products.

🐚 Coconut primer is a solution for everything

The Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer by Marc Jacobs is a one of a kind invention (I'd say borderline wizardry). It contains a bucketful of coconut (five different forms of it to be exact) which means it nourishes, moisturises and smoothes out your skin whilst extending your make-up wear. It even smells like a bloomin' holiday in Bali! These all are attributes of a pretty good primer - but nothing life-changing. The clever thing is that you can mix it with just about everything to create a different texture, different consistency, different product. Whaaaat! You can wear it on its own, mix it in with your foundation, with your highlighter, hell even put it on your eye brows for that fresh from the ocean waves mermaid look!

🐚 That one foundation that is both a tinted moisturiser and a concealer

Marc Jacobs' Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate is another piece of beauty sorcery put into practice. Without mixing it you can use the concentrate as a full coverage concealer. By adding the Coconut primer you will be able to create a foundation of any coverage you fancy. From an intense full coverage all the way to a lighter than a feather tinted moisturiser (you only need a pin head sized amount for this!) you can mix absolutely anything that your heart desires.

🐚 Finding the perfect blusher has never been easier

Do you find that sometimes you really adore this or that blusher in the pan but once you've applied it all your excitement falls into the abyss of 'this doesn't bloody suit me'? And then you never wear it again and that's the very end of your happily ever after. When looking for the perfect blusher here's an easy trick for you - grab a mirror, pull down your lower lip and closely inspect the shade the inside of your lip is. Is it slightly blue? Then a cool toned blusher it is. Is it bright pink? Then a fuchsia blusher might be the one for you. A dark muted tone? Try a peachy coral!

🐚 A glow stick all over your face can be a good idea

I love a ton of shimmer on my face (a shimmery blusher with a sweep of highlighter and maybe a dab of highlighter number two or maybe a tad of some sparkly bronzer?) yet I still try to avoid the disco ball effect. The Glow Stick by Marc Jacobs looks a little intense (it's called Spotlight for a reason) but when you look closely you will realise that the shimmer is incredibly finely milled. Mixing a little in your hand together with the Coconut primer you will get a stunning all-over highlighter which you can then pat even over a completely finished make-up.

I'm so excited that Marc Jacobs Beauty counter is now open at John Lewis at Grand Central in Birmingham - you will find my finger prints on all of their testers, I can't stop swatching & coveting!

Have you tried any of their products yet?
Which one's your favourite?

What I've learnt from the Global Educating Artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty

💭️ A massive thank you to Yvonne for teaching us some of her tricks!