Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster review
I'm not a good fake-tanner. In fact, I'm the disastrous type. I either end up orange (denying it until Justin says I'm not allowed to go to work unless I have a scrub), with odd patches on my face (same scenario) or odd patches on my wrists (arm candy days). Although there have been fake tans which I liked - Rodial, Xen Tan - apparently they still looked a bit naff on me (others say). The first fake tan which looks almost ridiculously natural on me is Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster.  

It's not a fake tan in your traditional sense, it's actually a liquid formula which you add into your moisturiser of choice (just a few drops depending on how strong you want the tan to be) turning it into a fake tan. MIND BLOWN, right? The genius thing about this is that not only it's made-to-measure (the strength of your tan depends on how many drops you use) but it's also very brown/olive toned. It doesn't streak at all and you can apply it without a mitt using just your hands (obviously you have to wash them afterwards but I can guarantee you won't get any fake tan marks). It doesn't make you super tanned overnight (unless you used A LOT of it at once - which then means your decreasing the level of foolproofness) however it's super easy to build up and when it starts washing off you can't even tell it's a fake tan, I feel like it fades like a real tan on me. This Glow Booster is mainly for your face however I like using it all over my body - I just add a few drops into my body butter or even oil as I really dislike the look of dark face together with pale arms/legs. That's just odd. 

Oh have I mentioned it doesn't have any scent at all? Like none. NONE. I'm on my second bottle now - true story!

You can buy Clarins Glow Booster from the Clarins counter in Boots for £18 (click here).   

What's your, dare I say, HOLY GRAIL fake tan?