1990s brown make-up trend
This brown lipstick & even browner lip liner is such an odd trend, don't you think? It's just so 90's! It reminds me of a little me when I watching my mum put on fake nails, paint them with one of her 10 brown nail polish shades and slap on a super brown lipstick. No blusher. Just mascara. Maybe blue eye shadows. *shudders* But you know, since I'm my mum's daughter and I'm oh so on trend, I had to dip my toesies in this shhh.. brown (not helping it, am I). I ain't a lip liner girl, so don't expect this to be some Kylie Jenner tutorial thing, jeeeez no.

One of my most favourite products in my make-up bag is currently the Burberry Fresh Glow (Burberry, £31) highlighting powder. Mine is in shade Golden Radiance (No.02) which makes it a cross between highlighter and bronzer. I tend to apply it instead of a blusher just for a really nice autumnal glow. And it smells like a really expensive perfume. Mmmm. Worth - every - single - penny. Now I would say that Sleek in Antique (Boots, £4.49) is almost a dupe for the Burberry highlighter. I'm saying almost for a number of reasons. A) Burberry is a totally different league, B) Sleek is slightly darker and warmer in tone, C) Burberry is more on the glowy side of the spectrum whereas Sleek is more of a blusher/contour shade. If you don't fancy throwing money out of the window for Burberry though - Sleek will do. You can create a similar enough effect with the Antique blusher that you definitely won't need to spend on both products.   

Brown lipsticks are the thing right now. As I've mentioned above - I ain't a lip liner girl (and doubt I'll ever be - such a hassle to pick a matching shade, oooph). I've got nothing against a nude or even brown neutral lip colour though. Michael Kors in Diva (House of Fraser, £23.50) makes me feel pretty fancy - the colour is more on a nude side and has a nice delicate shimmer to it, plus the texture of this lipstick is almost balm-like (I sometimes find myself reaching for this opposed to a lip balm, oops!). On the other end of the brown spectrum of my brown lipstick collection is Burberry in Mocha Glow (Burberry, £22.50)- I've developed a slight Burberry obsession here, oh yes. Mocha Glow is a dark (quite gothy) brown with very fine golden shimmer - which is what makes it more wearable, I believe. It looks amazing with a monochrome outfit and a sweep of Burberry Fresh Glow on the cheeks.       

Not gonna lie here, I used to indulge in brown nail polish - early 2000's didn't stop me either, I was absolutely mad about deep chocolate shades! Sadly I don't think chocolate shades suit my skin colour very much (probably didn't back in the 2000's either, meh) so my choices are limited to coffee/toffee shades. I find that MAC nail polish in Coffee Break (MAC, £10) is a comfortable balance between brown and taupe for me. It makes my hands look sophisticated enough for work but still looks different enough for me not to see it as a boring nude. 

Have you been swayed on the brown make-up side?
What do you think about this 90's trend?

1990s brown make-up trend