5 ways how to banish cat pee stink
Havin' a pet is lovely. Havin' an indoor pet is even lovelier since you can cuddle him 24/7. What's not so lovely is that pets do need to poop & pee every now and then (read every 10 minutes). And they are not fantastic at flushing the toilet, let me tell you that. Although Cookie is toilet trained, he's got himself into a habit of peeing in front of the toilet instead of in it when he's cranky. Our household therefore goes by the rule: 'don't pee Cookie off otherwise he pees on the floor'. Now cat pee on the floor ain't fun. And no one likes coming home to a pee-pee stink. Hey, don't you worry - I've sorted it out for you - scroll down to find 5 different (but equally as effective) ways of banishing cat pee stink (and other pet smellies). And don't forget! There's a giveaway too!

The most effective way of getting rid of pee stink is to (obviously) target the incriminated spot. Be it carpet or vinyl flooring, the best product to use is Vanish. Or just a soap water would do. One thing not to use would be any sort of bleach because it somehow attracts the criminals to the same spot over and over again. True story - tried & tested.

Candles work great as smell removing agents. Not only that they tend to smell lush and look good - the actual flame eats up a lot of stink too! And if candles are not enough, you can always use an essential oil or a wax tart in your oil burner - any stink will be 100% gone!

If targeting the stain & burning tons of candles ain't no help, then it's probably time for some pro stink banishing tools. Saying that, a synonym to a stink eleminator is definitely Airwick. Their range is massive and they always come up with some new swanky tool for you to use. My favourite Airwick is the Crystal Air moonie - mine is in the scent of mulled wine & cinnamon apple (nomz!) and I leave it on a shelf in the bathroom as it gives out a subtle but effective scent. I've also been using the Airwick Reed Diffuser & Freshmatic Max automatic spray (both really strong when you first open them but amazingly effective when you're dealing with super stink). They also make scented candles which give out an extra kick of fragrance.

Flowers are not only nice to look at but they also work well as stink minimisers. The only catch is that you need to either check which flowers are pet-friendly or you have to place them somewhere where your pet can't reach them (and with climbers like Cookie it's bloody hard!).

Now your pet's pee shouldn't really stink so bad that you can't deal with it in any of the ways mentioned above. If it does then there's something dodgy goin' on. Your pet might not be drinking enough water (Cookie now has got bowls in different rooms to make sure he doesn't forget to drink) or you might be feeding him something that doesn't sit well with his belly (for instance Cookie can only eat gravy pouches, the jelly ones give him bloated tummy). If the change is sudden then it might even mean that your pet is ill so could be worth popping to your local vet's!

I hope you find these tips helpful!

5 ways to banish cat pee stink5 ways to banish cat pee stink5 ways to banish cat pee stink5 ways to banish cat pee stink5 ways how to banish cat pee stink