12 songs I listen to on repeat
Those who commute to work inevitably end up developing a strong addiction to their headphones. That's a fact. There's nothing more annoying than spending 40 minutes of your morning listening to that squeaky girl laughing at some bloke's dumb jokes or that old lady coughing into her handkerchief. I've always loved listening to music, although I'm no musician (my guitar/piano skills are limited to 1 song), and when I was at school I enjoyed going to gigs, especially those of little indie bands. That's probably where my inclination to slightly less 'pop' music comes from, or at least less known songs from well known artists - radio's never been enough for me, what a spoilt git! Here's my top 12 handpicked songs which I listen to on repeat (24/7 if I could).  

Badly Drawn Boy - Have you fed the fish?
Travis - Flowers in the window
John Frusciante - The past recedes 
Ida Maria - Stella 
Wintersleep - Astronaut
Rammstein - Stirb nich vor mir (Don't die before I do)
The Indelicates - New art for the people
The Dandy Warhols - Godless
Cage the Elephant - Shake me down 
Green Day - Church on Sunday
Silver Chair - Ana's song
Au Revoir Simone - Sad song

You can play all songs via YouTube by clickin' on the little music notes.

What is your favourite 'on repeat' song?