Memebox review

Memeboxes are the thing. Seriously. Forget about all the other silly boxes full of Essie nail polishes and sachets of shampoo. They're shocking (and not in a good way). This time my Memebox was full of scrubs. Exactly 6 scrubs - for any part of your body you can think of. And because it's a superbox all the products are full size! BAM!

Insobeau cereal peeling mask: This smells like oats and hot milk with honey, no kidding. Every time I'm rubbing this in my skin I'm singing 'Milk and toast and honey make it sunny on a rainy Saturday...' (brownie points if you guess the band - leave your answers in the comment section below!) that's how lovely it smells! Delicious!
Eglips JolieBeBe lip polish: Finally a lip scrub in a regular tube! I used to really love the e.l.f. lip exfoliator (read full review here) but never got to repurchasing it. Le sigh. The Eglips JolieBeBe lip polish is much nicer on the lips though - it's not only an exfoliator but also a moisturiser and a lip balm. It smells yummy and makes my lips super smooth!  
The Herb Factory foot scrub: I'm not a fan of foot creams and scrubs, let me tell you that. This one smells more like spearmint than just mint which makes it much more appealing and since my foot has been so poorly lately (apparently I've ripped some soft tissue in it and because I refuse to stop walking - DOH! - it ain't heelin') I might indulge in a spot of foot pamper tonight.  
Pibugonggam G facial scrub: All the products in this box smells oh so lush - this facial scrub smells like oranges and tangerines - and I mean real, freshly peeled under your nose oranges and tangerines. Nomz! 
Tosowoong perfume body scrub wash: Strangely the biggest products in the box hasn't swept me off my feet. It reminds me of the Garnier Oil Beauty scrub which I love so I'm sure Tosowoong won't disappoint either! 
New Girl fast scalp hair root up ampoule: This is the odd one in the bundle - have never tried anything like this before and as it's a root product I'm obviously a bit wary (greasy roots dread). Don't think it will put me off though - just need to gather all my courage in a bucket and just do it! Ha!

As always I'm a happy bean! All 6 scrubs will be put to good use in our little household - even if it meant scrubbing Cookie's paws with it! Now go & have a browse through the Memeboxes which are currently available - click here - and don't forget to use code 9FVVEE to get $5 off (valid until the end of October). Woop! And do let me know if you order a box, I'm always ready to nose into other people's boxes, muhaha! 

Here's an overview of the boxes I've had so far:

Are you a Memebox convert or you're still obsessing over Glossy box and co?