Boots give it a go daily!
I sort of wish I could say this is going to be an ultra motivational, inspiring post about good deeds and courage to take your life by spoonfuls. Well it's not, it's about lipsticks and nail polishes and other pretty things, so what?! Boots is currently running this fun campaign about giving new trends (and products) a go. Do you always stick to the same blusher? Why?? Why, when there's at least a hundred different blushers in your local drugstore?

Do you always use a BB cream? Why not try an actual foundation once in a while? I'm sure your skin won't go bonkers if you put on a nice glowy foundation when you're out for dinner and show off that absolutely flawless finish. It feels nice, trust me. And you - do you stick to full coverage every single day? Might be worth having a browse in the section with tinted moisturizers & BB creams. At least for a lazy day in bed, c'mon!

Is your middle name a cat flick? You might feel uber comfortable with your thick black liner, maybe even a tad Lana-Del-Rey-esque, but there are eye shadows out there which you can blend subtly at the base of your lashes for a slightly different take on the liner. Challenge accepted? Yes! 

Nude, nude, nude - do you know what 'nuda' means in Czech? It means boooooring. It's autumn so you're allowed to pull out your darkest lipstick or at least something pink. At least. 

You're cheeks don't necessarily need to be 'flushed' 24/7, ya know? They can be coral, wine, sun-kissed - even in autumn! And your bronzer doesn't need to be just a matte brown shade for contouring, it can be in a bullet and it can have shimmer particles which reflect in the little light we will be getting these days.    

Do you wear solid pinks, red, blues? Get a special effect nail polish - not necessarily a glitter one, could be a matte one, or even an iridescent shimmer - and spice up your nails. Or maybe at least your toes? They will be in socks anyways so even if it goes poop, you're not at risk of making a fool of yourself, ha!

Have you ever tried to apply your lipstick with a brush? They cost a few quid and you might fall head over heels with it. Or not. But you can give it a go, right? Or try a different brush for contouring or even some odd tool like a comb for your brows or a cuticle cutter? You only live once, sheesh!!

Are you adventurous when you're on a stroll in your local drugstore?
Boots (and me) encourage you to try something new every day! Share your daily try's on social media with hash tag #giveitagodaily & tag me (@cityscapebliss)!