Last week I was at a Benefit event (hold on, this is totally related to a blog post about Korea) and Jared Bailey (Benefit's international spokesperson & brow pro) mentioned how he absolutely loves Korea and how all the Korean trends and products are at least 4 years ahead of the rest of world! That is exactly how I feel when I receive a new Memebox. Opening these boxes is like Christmas for me - every single thing in every single boxes makes me squeal and feel like I should send a thank you card to whoever puts these boxes together. This month I got the Korea's most wanted superbox.

Because this is a 'superbox' edition all products inside are full sized - how awesome is that? After blogging for some 3 years or so I got to a stage when sachets of hand cream and tiny perfume samples really don't excite me anymore. 

Shara Shara tinted style lipgloss: A lip tint/gloss hybrid with an extra long lasting power. And by extra long lasting I mean it stays on your lips for good 5 hours with just minimal wear. I got the shade Peach Coral which goes with just about any make-up look and adds a really nice natural looking colour to your lips. 
Makeup Helper pact: This came at the best time possible - I was just running out of my Jane Iredale powder (read review here - it's a mineral foundation really but I like to use it as a setting powder) when this beauty found its way to my make-up bag. Well, bag - it's so big it barely fits into my handbag! It's like one of those massive bronzers that's bigger than your face! I got a pink shade but it suits my skin tone perfectly and although I'm not sure what ingredients are in it, it creates a really soft, almost velvety finish on my face. Beautiful.  
Hope Girl nail set: As I might have mentioned before, I got rid off my nail stash. I only kept a few Essie and Nails Inc nail polishes and a few odd ones which hold a special place in my heart (read are very glittery). Nevertheless, it's hard to say no something as pretty as these tiny nail polishes. They really are super tiny though so I guess I will just have to use them up!
Blithe patting water pack: One of those things you can't get in the UK - a patting water pack. Basically you fill your sink with water, add a lid-full of this and then splash it on your face or alternatively you can pat it into your skin with a face cloth. Mine contains citrus & honey which is great for revitalizing and brightening of your skin.  
Pure Skin ice cooling & soothing patches: A similar product was in one of the previous boxes - these are cooling patches which you can apply almost anywhere on your body (I prefer legs) to ease swelling, skin irritation or even sunburn. Definitely useful to have in your first aid beauty kit.  
 Pure Skin lemon blueberry rejuvenating overnight mask: I really wish sleep masks where available in the UK. Basically they work like super mega rich moisturisers which you use before going to sleep. You can use as much as you like and just rinse it off in the morning.  

If I was to say how much I love these boxes, I'd just repeat myself over and over again. They are ace though - there are no silly sample sizes, all the products are always new to me (in brand, usage or/and ingredients) and you don't have to buy every single box - you pick & choose the ones you're interested in. The box I've talked about today is absolutely top, there's not a single thing I wouldn't use or wouldn't be absolutely thrilled about!  

Here's an overview of the boxes I've had so far:

And also an overview of some of the most appealing boxes you can currently order (click here to go to the Memebox website) and don't forget to look up discount codes before placing your order (this one: 5GBS83 is valid until 30/09/14 and gives you $5 off!)

Have you tried Memebox yet?
What's your favourite Korean beauty product you've ever tried or come across?