I've heard so much about the awesomness of this book - Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange - on beauty & fashion blogs (especially the Czech ones) that I couldn't help & grabbed it from the shelf in Waterstones just before Christmas. It's a really lovely book with an almost faux leather looking biding and thick high quality pages. The pretty design aside, this style guide should reveal the secrets of French effortless glamour & all the things chic that you want to be but struggle to achieve or just end up looking like you're trying too hard. Now the question is - does it deliver what it promises?

It does & it doesn't. Just a bit less than a half of the book contains some quite interesting tips on fashion & beauty - you know, don't wear denim on denim, glitter on glitter et cetera. Some of the tips are more useful than other - a few high quality basics are probably a better investment than a lot of items from Primark that don't even go together and will fall apart after the first wash, I agree. Wearing a shimmer eyeshadow in a day time is a no-no? Since when? I really wished this book revealed more of the free spirit French are famous for, rather than giving me straight yes' & no's. As to the larger half of the book - it's a beauty, fashion & restaurant guide to Paris. Unless you're planning on going to Paris or even living there, or simply enjoy reading travel guides in your free time, half of this book is rather useless for you. So has my transformation into a cool French lass happened? Not really. I still want a stripy shirt, tan flats & bigger hair, but unfortunately I don't feel I'm much closer to this ideal of mine, maybe even further to be honest as I don't want to be stuck in a French rut - the way this book suggests the infamous French chic looks like.

You can buy this book for £19.95 (oh dear God, yes, someone has paid this much for it!) in your local Waterstones (or for £13.97 on their website). If you can't help it and want to get this book despite my neverending moaning & dispair of wasting my money on it, get it from Amazon - for a tenner from the used books section.

What's your biggest book disappointment as of late?

Disclaimer: I bought this book with my own money & I sorely regret it.