Yesterday you may have realized that I'm slightly book obsessed. I probably wouldn't know what I like buying more - nail polishes or books?! Hah! Today I just wanted to briefly show you the books I've got on a pile 'to read' & a few tips where to look for cheaper books!

Yesterday I said that Divergent might be (or not?) my top dystopian book so far! I got Insurgent in Waterstone's the other day and already am half-way through. Can't say a bad word about it! Oh, maybe I can - the third book is YET to be written?! And the expected date of publishing is year 2013. Not jokin. 2013. It's a bit silly when you get to read a trilogy and you have to wait more than a year to finish it off, urgh. (I already moaned about it yesterday, but who doesn't like a good rant hey?). I also got the oh-so-amazing (or not?!) 50 Shades of Grey from the boyfriend because his whole family read it, haha! I've got a feeling it's gonna be something like Oscar Wilde's Lady Fuckingham, which wasn't a bad (although a very cheeky) read as I remember! Michael Grant's series of six books starting with Gone caught my eye for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's a dystopian novel, doh! Secondly, the name of each sequel is pretty snappy and the design is so creative - each of the books is black & a colour (usually neon shade) and the same colour is not only in the name of the book, but also all the pages are tinted with it (obviously just the edge, not the whole text)! Can't wait to start reading these as well! 
Then there are two a bit random book - Delirium & Matched. I think they both are dystopian trilogies and I just got them off E-bay for dirt cheap and now I'm trying to get my hands on the rest of the series, because I'm always gutted when I finish one book and can't start the next sequel straight away (yeh, happened to me with Maze Runner because it got miraculously sold out as soon as I'd finished reading book one). Both are dystopian novels & based on reviews, should be mint!     

Now off to the next part of this post...
I do have to admit that walking into the old Waterstone's on New Street (in Brum) does have its own magic & it is a satisfying thing to do on Saturday afternoon, when living in a big city, but I'm not overly happy when I get my receipt with a double digit number for 2 books that I will read in less than a week. *sigh* Here're a few tips where to look for books when you are not keen on paying Waterstone's prices:

Works is a little random shop which you may have not even noticed before (there's one on New Street in Brum), where they sell whole load of random things - from little alien eggs to board games and BOOKS. I bought The Hunger Game trilogy there for £8 (all three books together!) and they usually have offers like 3 books for a fiver! They sell a lot of classics (Jane Austen, Bronte sisters...), cookbooks & also popular novels - they currently have The Maze Runner trilogy for a fiver I think! It's a bit of a quest to find books there, but it's well worth it if you're just looking for A book, not one particular book. Is there a club of friends of E-bay? If there is, please count me in! I buy there EVERYTHING. From discounted IKEA cutlery to All Saints tops. And BOOKS. If you're looking for a specific books, I strongly recommend you go & E-bay it first! You are very very very likely to find it for about £2 including postage. There are loads of second hand book stores on E-bay which delivery within 2 days and are dirt cheap, I got Plague (sequel to Gone) there for £1.50 and it's £8 in Waterstone's. The description always states the condition of the book - you usually get a book which have been read only once so you pretty much getting yourself a new book! If E-bay fails you, go on Amazon. When you find the book you want, there are two prices - one is for a new book and one is for a used book. The used books are just like the ones on E-bay! Flea markets/Car boot sales. I haven't been to a flea market or car boot sale in the UK yet, but back in Czech Republic you get the best bargains there - books for 10p, that's what I'm talking about! Although I've to say that most of them are in a ridiculous state and the authors are a few centuries old, it's good for hunting down some classics! Now this might be an obvious option, but sometimes the most obvious is what you never think of - ask your friends if you can borrow their books! I just wanna emphasise that if you borrow a book from your friend, try not to destroy it. My friend once borrowed my favourite book from me and her little pet chinchilla chewed it to shreds, haha! 

Where do you buy your books?