If you're following me on Twitter & Instagram (@cityscapebliss) you may have noticed I mentioned that my fimo nail art decorations finally arrived! I wouldn't even know they exist without lovely Victoria from Victoria's Vintage who tweeted about them some time ago! They are such adorable little (dirt cheap!) things that can totally dress up your nails with whatever whimsical design you can think off! I used these little red flowers for my first ever fimo floral nail art!  

You should know upfront that I haven't read any tutorial before applying these (yeh, I'm one of those who unwrap IKEA box, take everything out, start building the shelf my way & after a few hours ask my boyfriend to find instructions & do it, because I'm not capable, ha!). This is purely a test & I already know what I should have probably done and what not! Anyways, it's much simpler than it looks at first (at least I think so far, haha). Obviously you need to get your fimo bits first - you get them off E-bay for super cheap, I got mine for 60p including postage I think. Although mine were sent all the way from Hong Kong, so it took a good few weeks for them to arrive. They've got different designs - I went for flowers because they seemed easy to work with & kittens (oh so cute! will show you next time, promise!).   

So, first of all, I painted my nails with whatever colour I wanted as a base - I picked Ciate's Access All Areas (now this was the first mistake - Access All Areas is a lovely matte colour, no matter how lovely matte it is, it will be painted over with a top coat, so that was a bit redundant). Then I applied a design - I simply painted white stripes with Essence tip painter, because it's super easy to work with. 

Then I used tweezers and picked each individual flower, put a little bit of top coat (I used OPI Nail Envy) on the flower and stuck it on the nail where I wanted it. I used to tweezers to press on the whole flower to ensure it sticks to my nail properly in all places.  

After a few hours of wearing it this way I realized that the edges of the flowers were losing the grip of my nail and were getting unstuck. Argh. So I slapped on a coat of top coat, pressed the little flowers on with tweezers again and voila! They got properly stuck to my nails!

I have to say though, that no matter how pretty this looks, I can't see myself wearing it for DAYS. You know when your nails are just not smooth and you feel like you need to be picking on them? Yeh, that. After a day of wearing these it became pretty much unbearable for me to have them on my nails, oh wells. For 60p (you get 120+- pieces I believe) it's a fun thing to play with and it's something you'd wanna wear for an occasion. I'd say it's something like fake lashes. You just don't go to bed with them, haha!

Have you tried fimo nail art before?