Books have become a big big big favourite of a lot of bloggers lately! I can't even express how happy this makes me. Did you know that on average in every household in the UK there are only 11 books? I grew up in a house which had THOUSANDS of books. And I'm being dead serious. When I moved out from my room my mum finally turned the room into library which now has four walls full from bottom to the top with books and some of them need to be scattered in other rooms, because that one room is just not enough. Some people say that soon there will be no need for paper books. We all gonna have Kindles and that sort. No, no, no! World needs books! I need books! And lately I need mainly dystopian novels!

I'm not a teenage novel sort of girl. I've never been. I'm an Alighieri and Bukowski type of girl. I love old dusty antique bookstores in little towns which look (and smell) like a massive pile of mouldy books. That sounds real bad, but I've got a bookworm syndrome, I won't hide that. And I don't think I've ever expressed this enough in my blog. But I am still a curious girl. When there is a hype, I get an urge to see for myself, I don't trust words of others. So eventually (after about half a year after everyone else) I decided to start reading the infamous The Hunger Games

I remember reading a few first pages thinkin oh my, that's gonna be ridiculous, but eventually I got so sucked into it I spent my holiday in Ayia Napa reading the whole trilogy in four days. Manic! And I watched the movie twice. In cinema. Consider me The Hunger Games obsessed. But when the obsession got sort of boring, I started seeking a new 'dystopian' adventure.

The Twitter people advised me to read The Maze Runner. Another trilogy I read in four days. It's one of those books that keeps you up whole night just because you have ONLY 400 pages to go and c'mon, you need to know how it ends! When I finished with The Maze Runner I thought - screw The Hunger Games! The Maze Runner is like a million times better dystopian concept than The Hunger Games, I'm tellin ya! I partially suspect that it might be because it's written by a bloke. Hm. Anyways, it's brilliant! 

After The Maze Runner, I was recommended to read Divergent (again, it's a trilogy, but the last one is yet to be published, argh!). I've finished the first book and I'm off to read the second one, and so far I'm thrilled. I'm not sure if it's gonna beat The Maze Runner yet, but so far it's friggin amazing! 

I don't intend to review these books, there are loads of reviews out there, so feel free to Google them! Take this as a recommendation for some great dystopian out there, which are worth checking out! 

Have you jumped on the dystopian novel wagon?
What's your favourite dystopian novel so far?