I'm not an uber obsessed competitor (hint hint Victoria), however there are times when I succumb. Those are the times when maybe even you should think twice & maybe, just maybe take part & win yourself some swanky prizes - eg Xbox One (yes, for real!). To celebrate the BT Big Broadband Sale offering BT Infinity for just £7.50 (broadband for what?! £7.50?!!), BT is going to create the world's first game show live on Twitter. Here's a little rundown of what to do to win yourself something nice in the big BT Infinity Guess the prize live game show on Twitter - which is on TOMORROW  

You will have a chance to win by tweeting the BT live game show during 5 one-hour slots (12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm) on the 10th January (tomorrow!). Each time you get 7 minutes & 50 seconds (£7.50 - 7min 50s - geddit?) to answer correctly - this means guess correctly which prize is worth £7.50 and tweet this to win the entire prize bundle. 

This is what you need to include in your tweet:

the item valued at £7.50

The winners will be selected on a random basis at the end of each round and the names will be announced live right afterwards. If you miss the main intervals, then there will be an extended prize draw open until 9pm - they think even about you full-time workers out there, awh! 
Fingers crossed for y'all! 

Disclaimer: I have been kindly given an Amazon voucher for sharing this with you. Thank you BT!