Before I started blogging I didn't even know that torturous tools such as eyelash curlers existed. Then I got my first (and second) pair of those monsters from Poundland, and God, that was a mistake. Cheaply executed eyelash curlers hurt. They pull out your lashes, your eyelids get trapped in them, they bend your lashes in a funny way.. At first I really thought it was just me - I'm pretty useless when it comes to lash operations (fake lashes, I'm looking at you!). And not too long ago I tried Eyeko eyelash curlers. Turns out - it wasn't really my fault after all! *phew* Now I can sort of understand the whole Shu Uemura curlers hype - if I haven't tried, I wouldn't have believed. 

Eyeko eyelash curlers have a very soft rubber padding which helps you avoid the dreaded eyelid cut. The handles are covered in velvet, which is definitely pretty, but mainly functional - your fingers won't slide ever again, leaving you with a poked tearful eye. Yay! You can get the Eyeko eyelash curlers for £12 on Asos (here).   

What are your favourite eyelash curlers?