I know, I know, I said I wasn't gonna buy cheapo stuff anymore, but how can you say no to a beautiful handbag when it costs less than a tenner? HOW?! I just haven't got the will power for it. There's this new website I found (might be old news for everyone else, sorry if it is!) called RoseWholesale. It's one of those Romwe-type websites (blogger tip: might be worth checking out whether they offer some cooperation?), so the quality might be questionable, but with the price tags of the likes of Primarni, one can't really expect anything too Zara-esque quality-wise. Design-wise, that's a whole different story! Look how pretty these bags are (some designer copy-cattin' here, isn't it?)!

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Some of these bags are actually as cheap as a fiver and they offer free postage, too. Obviously as the items are despatched from China, it takes quite a while for them to arrive, but then - if you're a bargain hunter, this ain't stoppin' ya. I've had a few things from online shops like this one before and was always rather happy - and I don't mean I've always been gifted things. I actually spent my real money shoppin' there. One of my most beloved shoes are actually from a Chinese online retailer, believe it or not. 

Have you tried shopping on RoseWholesale before?
What's your experience with these types of online shops?