I love my perfumes, I really do (well, who would want to be a stinky poo anyways?!) - as you can tell by my perfume collection, it's not too big but it's got some very specific unique gems in it (or at least that's what I like to think, ha!). The other day in Boots I realized that I tend to go for pinkish/light shades of bottles - maybe because they tend to have similar ingredients? So I thought I might have a look into the similarities of all the pretty pink & purple bottles

♡ Vera Wang | Lovestruck: This perfume has apparently been inspired by the story of Romeo & Julie (awwwh!). The main notes being guava, lotus and musk. I remember when it launched in 2011 - the bottle is too hard to ignore! One of the cutest perfumes out there, I say!
♡ Armand Basi | Lovely Blossom: This women's perfume has been created by a French designer Francis Kurkdjian, and in all honesty I would not be surprised if you haven't heard of it before. But because you probably know how much I love Elie Saab, you won't be surprised when I tell you that Francis Kurkdjian was part of the team who worked with Elie Saab on La Parfum. Bang! Yes! Jasmin & apricot - can't go wrong. 
♡ Escada | Elixir: One of my first perfumes was Escada - all Escada perfumes smell really sweet, I'd say very young and cheerful, but not offensive like some other sweet perfumes. The main note is rose - do I need to say more?
♡ Vera Wang | Pink Princess: You are probably getting the gist now - yeah, I am a Vera Wang girl (and yes, I would love to wear her dress for my wedding - PR hint, anyone?). A perfume that smells like raspberries and marshmallows? What??! *dribbles*
♡ Vera Wang | Be Jeweled: Seriously, if someone told me that there is a perfume with main notes of red currant, pomegranate & champagne, I'd laugh at them. Wrong. This. Is. It. 
♡ Vera Wang | Princess: I've wanted this perfume for so so long. I mean, how sexy it is to smell like a vanilla and chocolate ice cream? Flippin' haaawwwt!
♡ Vera Wang | Lovestruck Floral Rush: Very similar to the original Lovestruck (with a little cuter bottle - how is that even possible, I don't know), but a little bit more bubbly and less musky.
♡ Lolita Lempicka | Lolita: Lolita Lempicka perfumes are absolutely stunning, bottle-wise & scent-wise. I think I even reviewed one of her perfumes before. Each of them is totally different (which does not happen very often with perfume collections), this particular one is very spicy - anise & licorice, nom nom nom. 
♡ Katy Perry | Purr: Well that would be just awkward if I didn't include this one, wouldn't it. I love Katy Perry (yeah, I said it) and I can't not love perfumes that look like kittens, doh! Katy Perry perfumes are not particularly high-end, but they do smell really nice, very sweet and sort of Katy-Perry-over-the-top-sugary. 
♡ Stella McCartney | Stella: My newly discovered love for Stella, aaah. Rose scents will never get old, they are so classy and feminine. Well done, Mrs McCartney. Well done. 

What perfumes do you like the most?
Floral, fruity, musky?