All over the autumn vibe aren't we? Well, I sure am! And what's so exciting about autumn apart from pretty forest shades and mugs of steaming hot chocolate? Definitely the fact that you can get away with wearing rabbit, stag and fox print dresses and no one's gonna judge you! Check out today's e-bay shopping list, all in the spirit of wild forest animals. All prices are including postage & packaging. 

Holika Holika Holy Deer eyeshadow (£6.26): Korean brands have got the cute make-up products, ever - hands down! C'mon, who could say no to a little eyeshadow compact with a cute bambi on it?! I really wish there was a high street shop which would sell Holika Holika, Etude House and the likes. *sigh* 

Cute mini fox handbag (£9.65): We are slowly but surely gettin' over the old fox face handbags, right? (apart from me, I still love - and wear - mine, oops!). Here's a brand new 'bucket' version for ya. Much cuter, I say, with more detail & a chain strap - new season, new design. 

Bowler with cat ears (£4.38): Bowlers & fedoras are getting more & more popular every single autumn - but how to stand out from the crowd? Wear a bowled with ears, obviously. 

Bunny hot water bottle (£6.99): A mug of hot chocolate, burning candles and... a hot water bottle that looks like a fluffy bunny. Bliss. Plus I've seen a really similar one in Topshop! 
Loose top with a badger print (£7.10): There was quite a boom with these animals-crapped-around-your-neck tops & jumpers at Christmas time last year - especially those with cats. I have to say that badger is way cooler & doesn't even look half as ridiculous as the cat one! (yes, I said that)

Jumper with a rabbit (£10.99): A very Beatrix Potter-esque illustration makes this jumper an ultimate favourite of mine. Looks very flattering and also very wearable!

Phone case with a fox (£4.95): You know I'm obsessed with phone cases, especially illustrated cat ones - but honestly, it wouldn't take too much to convince me to swap my pukey kitten one for this little cute fox! This e-bay seller has got this case available for pretty much any smartphone you can think of, and even for ipads!

Squirrel door stopper (£5.98): I actually have got this door stopper - and two more. The squirrel one I found in a little boutique shop in the Heart of Country near Lichfield and it was actually slightly cheaper than on e-bay, believe it or not!
Into the Wild book (£5.97): One of the best books for cold rainy days - when you don't mind a good old weep. And if you're too lazy to read the book, then at least watch the movie!

What are you looking forward to the most this autumn?