5 advantages of using a silicone make-up blender: Siliquinn Review
The chicken nugget.
The bra insert.
The Party Feet cushion.
Those are all immediate associations after just one glance at the newest beauty trend that no one knows what to think of. Silicone make-up blenders are here to change the way we apply make-up - but the question is, are they just a gimmick or are they a real deal? Can they possibly replace your favourite foundation brush and your beauty blender?

I'm not going to lie - I was hesitant when I first saw the silicone blender. The first few applications were absolutely terrible - I've put on way too much product, I couldn't blend it in properly - but the more I've been using it the more I've been growing to love it. I'm intrigued to hear what your thoughts on it are so please do leave your experience, tips and tricks in the comments!

💡 5 advantages of using a silicone make-up blender
✔️️ Minimal product waste
Many have been concerned that beauty blenders (or make-up sponges if you like) are wasting a ton of their favourite foundation. The blender literally eats it up - and there's no saving it once it's inside. I do love the flawless texture that a blender gives - but also I agree that I've always been slightly suspicious of the amount of products it soaks up. Is it a marketing trick so that I need to re-purchase that bloody amazing Armani foundation again? You'd think that in 2017 they'd have it all figured out, surely it ain't that difficult! A silicone make-up blender on the other hand soaks up zero product. Absolute zilch. In fact it takes a few applications for you to get hang of the amount you're putting on the blender because it's way less than what you're used to dispensing on your sponge or brush.    

✔️️ Silicone is antibacterial
One of the strongest selling points for me is the antibacterial properties of silicone. Have you heard of all the horror stories of people having worms in their beauty blenders? And all the bacteria in dirty make-up brushes causing the worst bouts of acne? The silicone sponge doesn't have pores so it doesn't soak up any product and all you need to do is wash it under running water with a little bit of soap. Silicone sponges also don't deteriorate the way blenders and brushes do which is brilliant.

✔️️ Coverage
There's definitely difference in the coverage for me. I find that although I'm using much (much!) less product the coverage is much more opaque than it is with any other application method. Even a tinted moisturiser applies slightly more opaque! I feel like this is because of the way the blender fills in your pores and creates that super flawless finish. It does take some practice to get the hang of using it around your nose and under your eyes - and your skin definitely needs to be moisturised and primed beforehand because any flakes will shine through like a bright diamond (and that ain't pretty). But you can see from the bottom photo (no smoothing out editing there!) that the finish it creates is incredibly even with a soft blur to it.  

✔️️ Extra use for make-up artists
I can imagine that the silicone blender is a godsend for make-up artists. It allows you to spread the product evenly (no matter what method you're using for blending) and you can even mix primer and foundation or custom shades of foundation on the sponge instead of using a separate palette. The antibacterial properties mean that you won't be spreading any bacteria whatsoever.

✔️️ Price
Silicone make-up blenders are considerably cheaper than any other foundation-blending tools. The Siliquinn sponge retails at $14 (now down to $8.99) which works out about a tenner at full price. And considering that you don't have to replace it as often as you do with your beauty blender that seems like a pretty good deal!

💡 Siliquinn Silicone Make-up Beauty Blender Sponge Review ($14 $8.99 - buy here)
Siliquinn make-up blender comes in a little plastic pouch to keep it clean before you first use it (& I recommend keeping it to store your sponge in as you don't want it to be flopping about your make-up drawer!). You will giggle a little bit when you see it for the first time, there's no question about that. But once you've used it a couple of times you'll realise it's just another kind of tool to help you get that perfect Instagram look. The blender itself has 2 sides - the edges on one of the sides are slightly rounder - it's incredibly important for you to use that side for applications. Apply just the teeniest dab of your product (this can be a primer, foundation, even cream blusher or contour) on the blender (honestly a pin head size is enough for at least half of your face). I tend to dab it on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then start blending. You will be amazed how smoothly it blends - and with such ease! The silicone surface is ever so soft on your skin and doesn't tug at the slightest. I prefer using stroke motion to apply it on the more even parts of my face (cheeks, forehead, chin, under my eyes and down my nose) and then I start dabbing around my nose, lips, eyebrows and hairline. By the time you're finished there will be nothing on your sponge! Using the silicone blender will give you a pretty precise indication of how much foundation you're actually putting on - and you'll be shocked!

Overall I really do think these are worth giving a go. They are most definitely not for everyone and require a dose of patience but once you get the hang of them they might just be your new favourite thing!

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5 advantages of using a silicone make-up blender: Siliquinn Review (& GIVEAWAY!)
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5 advantages of using a silicone make-up blender: Siliquinn Review
5 advantages of using a silicone make-up blender: Siliquinn Review
5 advantages of using a silicone make-up blender: Siliquinn Review
5 advantages of using a silicone make-up blender: Siliquinn Review
💭 Quinn Cosmetics have sent me their Siliquinn sponges for a trial however my conviction that they are just as good as beauty blenders, if not better (and more hygienic!) is my very own.