First of all I feel the need to point out that I'm not a party person. I do not particularly enjoy socializing too much - at least not when the company (or me - which is more than likely) is smashed out of their faces. Despite all these big intellectual claims, I'm absolutely capable of enjoying a quality night out once in a while. 

One of these nights was last friday - with a few people I work with. Since I don't go out more often than I'd say quarterly, I haven't got a wardrobe full of party dresses. I have a few though - and this Rare London jewel collar dress is my absolute favourite. You can't see it clearly, but the back is quite nicely cut out - deep cut in from the sides (does that make sense?) and is a good no-fleshing length too. Although I originally wanted to wear my new black cut out boots from New Look, I eventually ended up goin' out in flats because I actually did want to dance for once. As to my face, I managed to slap on Eyelure fake eye lashes (this was officially the second time I managed to put them on, ha!), a dark green/sparkly back eye make-up, an Orgasm-looking blush & a bright coral lipstick.  

And you know what's the best part of goin' out? Pre-drinking. I could actually spend my goin' out night just pre-drinking, haha! It can get quite exciting when you're drinking a bottle that has been brought out from the back of the cupboard. And then maybe shake up a few DIY cocktails? Oh, tell me who does not do that?! Shockingly, my mum & dad always sound like they used to be the cocktail-inventive ones back in the day and when I'm back home they sometimes even show me some top tricks - like the Sidecar. Have you ever tried it? It's some posh cognac shiz, but man - it's gooooood. 

Do you go out a lot?
Tell me what funny happened to you the last time you went out!