I'm not gonna lie, even I thought this was some strange alien helmet thing. One would definitely not think that this is a beauty tool. WHAT?! Yes, I said it. A beauty tool. It's called Theradome and it's a laser helmet. To cut the long story short - it's a laser helmet which stimulates hair growth - and is therefore used for treatment of hair loss.

I know quite a few people (I only have one and a half bald patch myself.. *cough cough*) who suffer from hair loss and I can imagine it must be terribly frustrating. I've seen people use serums, special shampoos & conditioners, oils, weird hair follicle massage things, even nano fiber powder which you glue onto your head so it looks like hair. *gasp* Yes, people do that and I can honestly understand why. The thought that there is something different about you and that it might be irreversible is just odd and the ones who are affected by this don't usually see it as a wave-of-the-hand thing like us hairy people do. It's easy for me to say that it doesn't matter that someone has got less hair than I do, and I can mean it - because it's not about what's on your head, but what's inside, right (and besides - bald/shaved guys can be oh-so-hot, Dwayne Johnson, I'm looking at you *dribbles*!). But when you are the one affected by this, it just doesn't sound that easy. That's why specialists keep on researching how to treat this condition effectively and once in a while there is an invention that might be the one. One of those is the FDA-approved Theradome.
Theradome, developed for both men & women (so far FDA tested for women), is very different from the treatments that are already on the market. Theradome, in contrast to other non-clinical hair loss laser treatments, delivers the same strength of treatment like a clinical laser session, yet you can use it at home - and you can use it safely (it has been fully tested by the FDA). Whats-more, you can buy over the counter as it is so safe, plus it is much cheaper than your traditional clinical treatment. For limited time only it is available via Indiegogo here for a discounted price.  

You can read more about Theradome here

I really hope that this post might help someone - I know that people who suffer from hair loss keep researching the topic all the time and maybe this is the product that will help!

Do you know someone who suffers from hair loss?
Or do you suffer from hair loss? What treatments have you tried?

(The images were taken from Indiegogo website)