I used to be one of the people who would have a pair (or two) of cheap shoes for a season and then get a new pair of cheap shoes for the following season & that would go on & on & on... I even remember when my flats fell apart once when I was in the town & I actually had to buy a new pair right there on the spot because I wouldn't have any other flat shoes back home. How flippin ridiculous?!! *shakes head in disbelief* Now I have probably more than 20 pairs of shoes (I still lack some important basic pairs - e.g. black heels *sigh*), and although I stick to some favourites, I'm trying to alternate - it not only works better with outfits (doh!) but it also helps my feet not to hurt so much (I've got silly crooked feet that just hurt all the time as they don't fit in any shoes properly, haha!). The most recent pair I got are these British carved puppy boots from Ahaishopping. At first I thought they were a tad too 'army' looking, but oh dear - they have become my absolutely favourite pair of shoes for rainy days. Ever.

I'm not exactly keen on shoe shopping online - yes, it's my funny feet that make it such a pain. They just have got funny shape and not only that all (ALL!) brand new shoes send my feet to absolute agony, but some of them can do that within seconds (and you get to realize that if it hurts as soon as you put them on, it is more than likely to get just worse the longer you wear them). So when I was offered to pick a pair from the Ahaishopping website, I was a tad worried it might end up disastrous, not only because of the shape and the sizing but also the quality (it's always so hard to guess good quality of products online)..  

I picked this pair of British carved puppy boots (I adore the name by the way!) in black (they have it in brown as well) which turned out to be an absolute gem! They are so comfy (very tight on my foot, but in a good way - they create great support for walking), they look lovely (with the carved pattern and an almost broguesque design), they are just the right ankle height (so they are not rubbin' painfully), they have got stylish round laces, a ladylike but solid heel (to keep your foot in comfortable position) and they are actually rainproof! Plus the quality is amazing, I've been wearing them every day to work when I was working at the Christmas market as are comfy enough to spend whole day in them & don't let the cold get inside! And they still look brand new! *in love*

They are also very affordable - $38.95 (used to be almost $100!) which translates to about £20-something - that makes them almost a Primark bargain! You can get them here on the official Ahaishopping website

Have you got a similar pair of shoes?
Where is it from?