I'm pretty sure there's not a single woman in the world who would not like a lovely perfume. Especially when it comes it a really pretty girly bottle. If you've read my post about More by Demi EDP, you know that I've got a little soft spot for Oriflame fragrances. They come in the prettiest most chic bottles (nothing worse than when a nice perfume comes in a tacky yucky bottle!) and smell exceptionally unique (although More by Demi is a sort of celebrity endorsed perfume, it doesn't smell like Britney's Fantasy, woop woop!). Pretty Swan EDT is not an exception!

I've already said that Oriflame perfume bottles are amazingly chic, and this one is no different. It's very girly, yet its girliness doesn't need any over the top pinkness, glitter or big ribbons. It's very delicate and feminine, I especially appreciate the shape which makes it fit into your palm perfectly. The scent itself is very specific and different - I'm sure this won't be everyone's cup of tea so I do strongly recommend you get a sample first. You can tell that this scent is unique when I tell you that the top note is pink pepper, the middle note is apricot and the base note is rice. I believe that the strongest note is the top one - the scent is very spicy but develops into an almost parma violet scent. It reminds me of a vintage (not old lady!) 1920s posh perfume with a modern twist. Pretty Swan is fairly long-lasting for an EDT & is definitely an autumn/winter fragrance for the spicy notes in it.

You can buy this little gem (50ml bottle) for £16.95 (now on offer for £10!!) from your Oriflame consultant or online on the official Oriflame website

What's your favourite perfume at the moment?