Have you noticed the amount of innovative nail effects flyin' around lately? There are so many at the moment! Some of them are funkier than others, some of them are easier to apply, some of them wear off after an hour, some of them say on for days. Here are my top five picks - the ones I've actually tested, worn out n' 'bout & enjoyed the most! Note - this post does include swatches on (fake, oops) nails!

How pretty are these nail effects, seriously?! I believe nail effects are definitely a trend infused thing & it's just a matter of time for brands to bring out brand new & even more innovative variations. There is also an incredible competition between brands when it comes to this, since in most cases people are only goin' to notice either the first brand that brings that or that effect out or the one who manages to make it a budget product.

The first one is the Nails Inc Bling It On Hologram. It comes in a kit with 2 mini nail polishes (top & base coat), two pots of hologram glitter (golden & silver) & a little brush to apply the glitter. I think this effect is really effective for a night out, it sparkles absolutely magically in artificial light! It's fairly easy to apply & when you apply top coat properly, it can stay on your nails untouched for up to 3 days. It's slightly more pricey, but for £20 you get the whole set and the glitter actually doesn't seem to be goin' anywhere, I've used it three times on both hands & the little bottle still looks full! You can get it off the official Nail Inc website or off the Beauty Bay where this kit is on sale for £15 at the moment!

Beads, caviar, fish roe, whatever you want to call it became a bit of a scandalous product in the world of beauty in 2012 *cough Ciate cough*. MUA is one of the companies that manages to come up with the most on trend & budget products out there, and they haven't failed in this beady affair either. Their Nail Constellations have become a big boom & for £3 a pop everyone can afford to give them at least one go. They are probably the most difficult to apply (those little bastards go flying everywhere!) & even with a top coat they just do fall off after a day maximum. Still a pretty creative thing to wear for a night out, birthday party or a special occasion! You can get them in different colours off the official MUA website (currently on sale for £2 a pop!) or in selected Superdrugs. 

The next up is a very current release, again by the mighty MUA. Oh yes, it's the fluff! Fur-Effect Nails seem to be a strange but to me really appealing trend. You apply a coat of nail polish & then dip your nail into really soft velveteen, which creates an actual velvet layer on it. Some people might find it strange (or even unbearable - yes, my boyfriend thinks it's yuck, haha!), but it actually makes me weirdly happy to stroke my fluffy nails! (Yerr, I just said I stroke my nails..in a non-creepy way, if that's even possible!). Although furry nails (urgh, that does sound hideous!) look pretty (to me) when dry, yet they turn absolutely yuck when you wash your hands & they get wet. Nevertheless, they dry quickly & are surprisingly long lasting - if your work doesn't require frequent hand washing or using your nails, they actually stay on for longer than a day! You can get them in different colours off the official MUA website (currently on sale for £2 a pop as well!) or in selected Superdrugs.

A more day-to-day effect is definitely Gosh Holographic nail polish. Without any weird texture, this simple nail polish creates a holographic reflective effect on your nails for just £5 a bottle. Many people seem to be complaining about opacity & chipping, however I believe that that is just something that comes with any special nail effect - a precise tedious application & short longevity. You will need about 3 coats & reapply it after 2-3 days. There have been also a few dupes poppin' up lately (I spy the 17 brand?), so you can have a browse through your local Superdrug/Boots & see what holographic gems you can spot!

Finally, who doesn't like good 'ol glitter, huh? The easiest and quickest way to spice up your manicure is to use any glitter nail polish you can dig out of your stash! My absolutely (absolutely!) favourite is Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia (& not only because I got it for a quid from Poundworld!). It's just about the only black-based glitter nail polish which doesn't need an extra black base to create an opaque effect! Hats off for this, Revlon! Plus this one is not even that hard to take off, double yay!

What is your favourite crazy nail effect?
Or do you prefer just plain, solid coloured nail polishes?