Do you know what peat is? If you don't, let me spare you the googlin' & tell you what it is. Basically, when bogland vegetation such as trees, grass, fungi & that sort of stuff is about to decay but it can't decay fully because the soil is highly acidic, it forms peat. Peat is therefore high in fatty acids, essential oils & lipoids as due to the environment it was 'stored in'. It helps rejuvenate & regenerate your skin, increase blood flow & as it penetrates deep into your skin on the cellular level, it can work actual wonders for the condition of your skin. Let's be honest, it does sound a bit odd that I'm implying you should slap on some dead decaying grass on your face, so to make it a bit more glamorous, let me introduce you to OGRA! An Irish skincare company which came up with its very own original & organic peat skincare range!

There is a large range offered by Ogra to cleanse, exfoliate & tone your skin, however I've tested the following three gems. Before I tell you what I think about this peat therapy, I have to mention that the packaging is absolutely amazing. I honestly didn't expect organic brand to feel this luxurious, pampering & expensive just by looking at the jars! The products come in black matte jars with gold toned lids & writings, which is sort of engraved in the jar & therefore when you take the products in the shower with you, you don't have to be worried that the labels come off & turn into grubby mess.

The first product I've tried (& I've been testing these for more than a month now, maybe two actually!) is the 100% Peat Face & Body Mask. When I first saw it, it scared me a little. It looks like chunky yet watery black mud, yuck. But once you use it you realize it's not about what it looks like but what it does. It makes my face slightly red & tingly (as it encourages blood flow), but leaves it nice & soft once washed off as it re-establishes the natural pH in it. What especially caught my eye were the ingredients: moor peat, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum copper, iron, zinc & pH6.4.  

Next up is the Monoi Tiare Petal Exfoliant.This exfoliant is very gentle, but still strong enough for you to see results. I believe it would be brilliant for very sensitive skin, as it not only exfoliates but also nourishes at the same time as it contains oils such as avocado, monoi & almond oil. It has got very subtle natural scent to it, so if you prefer less fragranced products, this is one for you!

After I use the exfoliant & the mask (if needed), I use the Nourishing Facial Moisturiser. Again, this product is definitely suitable for all types of skin, even the very sensitive one. Apart from the peat, it contains a number of oils, which is what I like in my moisturiser, and although it does contain oils, it is not greasy at all. It's very nourishing & hydrating & again, has got very subtle inoffensive organic scent to it.

I am not personally too fussed about organic products, but this trio did convince me that less can be more & you should not be afraid to use products that contain ingredients you haven't even heard of before! After using these, my skin feels soft, hydrated & nourished, which is something everyone is looking for in this cold weather! Each product costs a little less than 30 (for 50ml jars) & you can buy it from the official Ogra website!  

What's the craziest ingredient you've seen in a product?