If you are anything like me then you want at least five amazing perfumes out there, which you can't afford (think £80 a bottle). And this is the time, when dupes come handy! One of the perfumes I've been eyeing for more than a year is Miss Dior Original (originally Miss Dior Cherie), which has become the world's 5th most popular perfume! The dupe that I've discovered after some online research is Next's Diamonds.

According to Next's website, Diamonds is a floral fragrance with fresh fruit nectar and musk undertones. The more sophisticated Miss Dior Original has got a very similar fundamental notes including fresh fruit scent, which further develops into musk and patchouli. To be honest, it is not a 100% dupe, because you Diamonds is truly more floral than Miss Dior Original, however the main notes make it a satisfactory dupe for my nose! Since this is EDT, it does not linger on my skin for too long, I would say about 4-5 hours. I would also recommend you to do a patch test on your skin, because I've discovered that although on most places where I spray it on (read wrists, chest) there's no reaction, when I spray it on my neck too close to my ears I get a slight rash, which goes away after a day or so.

The bottle is quite nice, although I would dare say that it's a bit tatty and cheap looking. Especially the plastic packaging it comes in reminds me of some cheap toy, rather than a perfume. Nevertheless, you can't expect too much for the price you pay. The importance of this EDT lies inside the bottle obviously. What I really like is the colour of perfume, which is pink rather than yellowish (often makes me think 'olden days' perfumes).   

You can get this baby in Next for £10 and you get massive 75ml of EDT, which you won't be afraid to splash on you every few hours or so if you need to! Definitely a nice spring/summery scent to add to your collection, which won't ruin your purse!

What's your favourite dupe of expensive perfume?