I don't think that I will ever have enough nail polishes. No matter how much I bite my nails or how many I already have or how many I've decided to sell on E-bay because there's no space for them in my room! These are from H&M and are probably the prettiest shimmer nail polish collection I've seen lately!

You get 5 5ml nail polish bottles in a plastic box (quite a cute quirky packaging!) for £4.99 which makes it about a quid per a bottle. Not too bad! Although I've to admit that the packaging is a bit excessive, it's just huge when you look at the little bottles inside!

The shades are really nice though, the first impression was a bit on the autumny side to be honest, but when I was wearing them I realized that they go with pastel colours surprisingly nice! You can tell that I've used pink and beige quite a lot already, since they are my favourites! Both have a really subtle shimmer to them and look lovely with matte top coat. The bronze, red and blue one have a slightly more visible shimmer, but still very subtle compared to what you'd expect from usual drugstore shimmer nail polishes. I would 'blame' the nature of darker shades, which reflects shimmer more. All colours are definitely suitable for day wear, but could sparkle up going out outfit as well, especially the 'electric' blue.  

The nail polishes apply really nicely, one coat is alright, but two coats make the shades full on opaque! They don't seem to chip too fast, probably would stay for around 3-4 days, which is when I take them off anyways. They don't have a strong smell to them and the shimmer doesn't make it any harder to remove them from your nails. Definitely a nice little addition to your collection! 

Do you use/like nail polishes from H&M?