I've noticed that hand creams are that sort of product that is always trending among bloggers. You obviously can't have enough of them, right? Therefore it is no surprise that I've picked up this little pink raspberry baby in Bodycare the other day, meet Possibility with Raspberry Pavlova scent!

The packaging as you can tell is quite an attention-drawer, being all hot pink and pretty! Since it is a raspberry pavlova scent, the front of the packaging gives you an actual recipe how to make such a cake for yourself, which I find to be a really cute idea to be fair! It is quite a big tube with 120 ml of product for, wait for it, about 70p in Bodycare!   

It says that it is both hand and nail cream and is both designed and developed in England, which I find quite interesting, since a lot of product manufacturing is being outsourced to cheaper countries, especially such cheap ones! I'd say a nice touch for patriots, yo! 

The consistency is really thick, but blends well into skin. It does moisturise my hands, but nothing too amazing. It's pretty much what you'd expect from the price. What I really like about this hand cream though, is the amazing scent! It literally smells like raspberry sweets. Really really really strong raspberry sweets! The scent lingers on my hands for about half an hour and I would think that more sensitive people might not like it. Nevertheless, if you do like strong lollipop scents, go for it! For such a low price, you can't really go wrong and since it doesn't grease up your hands and doesn't do any other nastiness, you can leave it in your drawer at work or in your car! 

Are you also slightly obsessed with hand creams?