A lot of people lately raved about Origins spot treatment (I've never tried that one), which made me think that it's a bit strange that noone mentioned La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. spot treatment before! It's the most brilliant spot treatment that I've used and I've already had about three tubes!  

I bet we've all been there - trying all the silly spot treatment roll-ons with green tea and God knows what, which are meant to make the spot disappear overnight. Never happened. At least to me. They always made me all excited with all the active ingredients and amazing claims, but none of them has ever done any good to me. 

What is this little miracle meant to do? It reduces inflammation by 60% (I'd guess that's meant to be overnight) and it actually works as an acne medication (not your regular drugstore pimple treatment). Effaclar A.I. helps PREVENT acne and because of its micro exfoliating activity, it also prevents discolouration. It's apparently non-comedogenice (doesn't clog your pores), paraben free, can be used under make-up and works well on sensitive skin.

To be truly honest with you, this is what it does for me. Not lying. If I feel a spot coming through, I put this overnight (I prefer piling it up a bit, so it sometimes leaves a bit of a white film, but that can be prevented when you blend it in properly), and I can be 100% sure that the spot is just not gonna happen. It might be still visible (or at least felt) under my skin the next morning, but putting this treatment on it for another night makes it go away for good. If I put it on an active breakout (my initial reaction is too slow to prevent it), it dries it up super fast and makes it disappear faster, also reduces redness and prevents dark scaring, which I'm prone to.

I believe that the reason it works so well is in the ingredients and their amount used. Apparently this product is the only one (or at least started as the first one) using combination of Salicylic Acid and Benzodyl Peroxide, which basically should work as an acne medication with deep pore penetration. You can read more about it here. It comes in a handy tube of 15ml which is easy to carry around and the nozzle makes it easy to work with, because you only need the tiniest amount for one application (you only put it locally on spots!).   

Unfortunately, this treatment has been discontinued, but the replacement is Effaclar Duo, which I've never used, however it looks very similar to Effaclar A.I. and it will definitely be my next stop after I use up this little tube. Effaclar Duo comes in massive 40ml tube for £13 and you can get it for instance in Boots. If you are looking for a super quick effective spot treatment, this is the boy you're looking for!  

What's your favourite spot treatment?