(This post might be more relevant to my Czech or maybe even German readers, me thinks.) Whenever I am travelling back home to Czech Republic and I need to grab a cheap and efficient make-up remover, I tend to struggle. I don't know what to grab and can't decide between wipes and Garnier, and it just never works out well. I've got literally no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to drugstores back home. Eh. However, past few trips were without struggle! Thanks to this little blue baby - Balea's eye make-up remover with Aloe Vera.  

It's not the most amazing make-up remover, but it does what you want it to do. It comes in quite a sturdy plastic bottle which doesn't tend to leak (I've already had a few bottles, so I dare say this is a proven statement, hah!). It's generous 100ml (small enough to carry in a hand luggage on the plane as it's within your liquid allowance!) and you can get it in DM drugstores for about a ridiculous quid! It is a transparent liquid with subtle but fresh smell, which takes of most of my mascaras and overall make-up really easily. I'd probably use about 2 cotton pads to remove make-up from my whole face (read 1 eyes and 1 rest of my face). It's oil-free and alcohol-free, so it doesn't leave any residue not sticky film over my face and doesn't sting or makes my eyes itchy/red.     

Overall, it's a simple and cheap, yet very effective make-up remover, which I'd recommend to everyone who is in need and is limited by either time constraint or budget. Definitely a necessity for a traveller! 

What's your favourite on-the-go/budget make-up remover?