A bit of too much sexiness in the title for a lipstick review, but oh well. Whenever I wear something else than black (which is not too often, to be honest), I tend to go for more subtle shades in lipsticks. I'm not too much a fan of pink, although I have a few favourites, I much more incline to browns and nudes for some reason. My latest nude favourite is MUA lipstick in shade 14 - Bare.  

 The packaging is traditionally plastic and simple, which is not bad at all, plus it has a little 'sample' pot at one end, which makes storage much easier (you can actually see the shade!). The consistency is really nice and creamy, glides smoothly on my lips, which however are better scrubbed and balmed up before the application, as nude shades often tend accentuate flakes and dry patches. I think this nude shade is a really nice compromise between actual pale nudes and browns, which makes it a perfect choice for me! I do believe these shades compliment my skin tone really well. As to the staying power, it's not majorly amazing, it does not transfer too much, but you do have to re-apply it quite often to be honest. That's not too much of an issue though, since the price is just a fragment of what you'd pay for any other lipstick - the MUA friendly price of a mere quid! Yes!    

This MUA lipstick has got a nice subtle floral scent to it, and it does not irritate my lips at all. It does have a slightly drying effect, but much less than for instance Topshop lipstick I bought recently, which I find quite surprising (think price comparison, although can't really argue here since neither of them is meant to have hydrating effect, right?).  

Overall, this little baby is a nice darker nude shade with more than acceptable price tag! Thank you MUA for yet another amazing product!

What's your favourite MUA lipstick shade at the moment?