It took me some time to find a good 'calming' and moisturising enough and non-greasy night cream, which would not break me out and would actually make me wanna apply it before I go to bed. I love oils and I personally think that they work wonders compared to creams, so that made it ten times more difficult. I tried brands like Vichy and Garnier, but ended up with surprisingly cheap but efficient Superdrug Vitamin E range! 

The combo I pretty much never fail to apply before I go to bed is nourishing night cream and SPF15 radiance eye cream

The night cream is high in antioxidants and rich in natural vitamin E, which helps protect dry skin against flaking and environmental damange. It comes in 100ml pot and the consistency is not thick nor thin. When you look inside of the pot, it seems quite thin, but once you start rubbing it in, it seems to get thicker, nevertheless, it is still amazingly easy to rub in and it leaves no residue whatsoever, no matter how much I slap on! It also moisturises like crazy, I don't think my skin has gone flake-y since I've been using this. It has a subtle scent to it, which reminds me a bit of cocoa butter (it has got chestnut it in, maybe it has got similar scent?) and I like putting it not only on my face, but also on my neck.   

The eye cream seems to have the same formulation, however consistency is much different! It is super thick and unless you rub it in properly, you might be left with white under-eye circles! This is one reason why I apply it only for night, although it is easy to blend if you have got at least a bit of patience. It has got no parfumation to it and does not irritate my eyes, doesn't make them red nor itchy. It comes in a handy 15ml tube and as well as the night cream, the packaging is nothing special, however it's not too bad either. I'd say it's simple and functional. The nozzle makes it easy to work with, since you can squeeze out controlled amount and keep it fairly hygienic (compared to eye creams in pots). It does make my eye lids and the area under my eyes feel more hydrated in the morning.

You can get both of these in Superdrug for about £2-3 each! The Vitamin E range has got a number of other products, such as Hot Cloth cleanser, body butters etc, which might be worth trying! I definitely recommend this little duo as a cheap substitute when you run out of your more expensive favourites, or when you just wanna save up some dollar and still keep nice and hydrated skin!

What's your favourite eyes-face night duo?