You may have noticed that I have got a little bit of a thing for MUA. I'm not gonna lie, it's probably my most favourite brand when it comes to drugstore make-up, and not only price-wise, but mainly quality-wise! I've posted ages ago about their mosaic blush, which I can see myself hittin pan on pretty soon! It's a lush blush, you can read the review here! Another product of MUA which recently won my heart is the Mosaic Bronzer in Sunkissed Glow!

You can see from the picture, that the general gist is simmilar to the blush. The bronzer consists of 5 different shades of bronzing powder which results in delivering a really nice glowy shade to your cheeks. None of the shades are particularly matte, I'd think that all of them are shimmery, however two of them are super shimmery and three of them are much less. I'd say a good ratio! The consistency is quite powdery, however doesn't create a dusty overlay on your face.

The brush in the picture below was swirled twice around the bronzer, look how much product it picked up! You don't have to worry though that you end up looking like a clown, since the pigmentation isn't uber dark, it always seems to deliver the right amount!  On my hand below you can see that the shade of this bronzer is really really warm, therefore I use it two different ways. First, I use it to contour my face, it creates a really nice glowy contours, and the shimmer doesn't make it any bad, as someone would expect. It's not as 'vivid' as for instance Sleek contour kit bronzer, but I really like the natural healthy look it delivers. Second way I use is as a blush. Because of its super warm undertone, I just swipe it on my cheeks and voila - healthy glow! It helps with really subtle look, when I wanna use a slightly darker eye make-up, this is perfect to balance the whole face out! 

I'm wearing this bronzer here as a contour paired with Sleek blush from their new blush palette, which I will talk about in my next post!

For £2.50 you get 8.90g of product in quite a sturdy packaging. Not bad! You can find this bronzer in Superdrug or online in MUA store! There is another shade of mosaic bronzer available as well!

What's your favourite bronzer?