Finally I got my hands on Blush by 3 by Sleek! They came into shops about two weeks ago and as it always happens with Sleek blushes, they just refuse to re-stock them after they sell out first round! There are 5 blush palettes altogether, with 3 blushes each. I picked up the most 'sensible' shades for my skin tone, Lace and Sugar!  

The blushes come in traditional 'sleek' Sleek packaging, which although extremely nice looking, is unbelievably messy right after you put your mitts on it for the first time. You get three blushes, altogether 20g of product, for about £9, which is not that bad to be fair. Sleek blushes are my probably most favourite blushes for their pigmentation and consistency.

As I've already mentioned, these come in 5 different shades, each containing three blushes. The palettes come in Flame, Lace, Pink Sprint, Sugar and Pumpkin. Considering that Sleek initially started as a make-up company for black women, I think this is reflected in the blush shades as well. Pumpkin, Pink Spring and Flame, at least to me, seem impossible to use on paler skin tones, but assume they would look great on either black women or someone with dark tan! Lace and Sugar seem to suit my skin tone the best, Lace for paler months and Sugar for when I have a bit of tan, me thinks.

Lace palette comes with the following shades: Crochet, Guipure & Chantilly. Strange names, I'm not sure where they come from, but they are pretty much dupes of some blushes from Sleek's regular collection. For instance Guipure is a slightly more pinky shade of Rose Gold! I really do like this palette, as it it a nice combo of two more matte shades - peachy and reddish, and one highly shimmery pinky one which can work well as a highlight too, just like I use my Rose Gold blush sometimes.

Sugar palette is a slightly darker version of Lace and comes with the following shades: Turbinado, Muscovado & Demerara. Again, no idea where the names come from, but these shades are more suitable for tan months, and I think paler skin tones might struggle with them a bit. Again, there are two more matte shades - burnt orange and pomegranate, and one really shimmery one, which I think looks like a darker version of Rose Gold, with slightly brown undertone.

In the picture below I'm wearing Guipure from the Lace palette!

What's your favourite shade from these new Sleek blush palettes?