Everyone seems to be on the hunt for flawless skin lately, have you noticed that too? And so am I, well I've always been! I've already posted about all sorts of facial scrubs, exfoliators and masks, which helped me (or not, hah!) to get a smoother and healthier skin. There's about a million other products and methods I want to tell you about, and today I've decided to introduce you to microdermabrasion, particularly to medical microdermabrasion treatment offered by MYA - Make Yourself Amazing!

Maria Fowler from TOWIE & her absolutely stunning flawless 'microdermabrased' complexion

Some of you probably just went 'Whaaa? Medical?!', I can tell! That's what I did when I first heard about this, but let me tell you more about this genius treatment!

You all know how important it is to exfoliate both your face and body. Exfoliation helps your skin get rid of the dead cells, which make your skin look dull and tired, helps to get rid of discolouration to a certain extent, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, unclogs pores and eliminates black/whiteheads and overall keeps your skin healthy, clean and radiant. Most of us achieve these results with all sorts of scrubs and exfoliators, maybe lufas and body brushes. That's all good, but could it be any better?

Yes, some you may have surrendered to the new (well, a year or so back?) trend wave with facial and body 'toothbrushes', such as Clarisonic. I've got an unbranded one and I think the results are great, much better than with just an exfoliator or scrub. It seems to have improved my skin condition so much, especially make my pores smaller, eliminate blackheads and slightly reduce my acne scars (I've got just tiny ones, which look like freckles in the area under my eyes and around nose!). The way these toothbrushes work is called microdermabrasion. They 'buff' off the upper layer of your skin with dead cells, and make some room for nice and fresh glowy skin, if I put it in simple words. Microdermabrasion, however does not need to be done only with these brushes.

More professional and obviously more efficient way to achieve these (and better!) results is a medical microdermabrasion treatment. There are different types of microdermabrasion, and different ways how to do them. There are ones you can do at home or at beauty clinics, there are some that use chemicals and some that use mechanical tools. They all are slightly different, however the one that I find the most interesting is medical microdermabrasion (administered by a certified practitioner) using pressurised flow of crystals from a microdermabrasion device with a special nozzel (mechanical method) which 'buffs' away the very upper layer of your skin. This layer of your skin is called Stratum Corneum (see the picture below) and it is 'the' place where you find fine lines, some wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars and other imperfections. Hence removing this topmost layer of your skin has got a number of benefits! 

Microdermabrasion removes:
  • blemishes
  • fine lines
  • sun spots (skin damaged by sun)
  • wrinkles
  • acne scaring to a certain extent
  • blackheads
  • whiteheads
  • age spots
  • hyperpigmentation      

There is more! Microdermabrasion improves oily skin, as well as dry skin with flakey patches and helps to tackle acne prone skin! The new layer of skin which is created after removal of the older layer looks more radiant and glowy with even tone and smooth texture, ensuring your skin looking amazingly flawless, thanks to collagen which behaves more 'activated' than ever in this new fresh layer of skin and prevents you from new wrinkles and fine lines! What I like probably the most about this treatment, is that your 'new' skin can absorb all the expensive creams and lotions that you apply much more effectively than before (since you were applying it on old/dead cells, doh!) and therefore allows to make all the products work better for you! This this treatment might go on my birthday wish list, heh! 

It is suitable for all skin types, for different body parts (not only face, but also neck, back and other problem areas!), and of course it is suitable for both women AND men (apparently they are on the hunt for the perfect flawlessness more than us, ladies!!). Literally, everyone who feels not totally happy with their skin, or just wants to make it look 'flawless' (instantly!) should have a look into this treatment! As with any medical procedure, you should be careful and get advice from a professional to achieve the best and safest results! The treatment itself is non-invasive and does not require any special preparation before or after the treatment.  

A company which offers this amazing treatment is MYA (Make Yourself Amazing), and they offer free consultations for you! They have a number of beauty clinics all over the UK (one is in Brum too!), great reviews from their customers and offer not only microdermabrasion, but all sorts of beauty treatments (dermaroller - another one I'm eyeing to make more research into, skin peels and others).  

Have you tried microdermabrasion?
What do you think about this treatment?