I rarely write on a fashion note (I think I've done it about three times in three months?), because compared to actual fashion bloggers and their awesomeness, I would look like a little fool. What I can talk about (not that I have the knowledge, but I do have the good ol' hoarder skill in this area!) when it comes to fashion though, is jewellery! This time I've gathered all my animal rings to put on show!

I don't think I've got THAT many animal rings, but considering these are only the ones with animals on them and I've got about a million others, I thought they might be worth sharing! It's not a very talky-talky post, so just sit and watch the butterflies fly and deers roar (do deers roar? hm). 

Butterflies: Poundland (£1, doh!) & Bijou Brigitte (around £5 YEARS ago, from my mum <3, and yes there are some gems missin *sad face*)  

Foxes: E-bay (£1) & E-bay (£2) 

Cats: E-bay (£1 both)

Forest Animals: H&M set (around £5 if I remember right?)

Frog & Mouse: Select (£2.50) & E-bay (99p) 

What's your most beloved ring and why?
Would you enjoy this sort of posts from time to time?