Because I don't wanna flood your feed, I will link two, maybe three news into post. For those who want to read about a MUA English Rose blush, read right from the beginning. The rest of you, skip to the end - it is important!  

I've read so many different reviews on this blush. Some say that it is the best blush ever, some say that it does not have any pigmentation. Although I am happy with my Sleek blushes, because they stay on whole day, have good pigmentation and some amazing colours, I was intrigued. First and foremost, I had no idea what to expect from a 'mosaic' blush. Does it make the colour look different every time, depending on how you swirl your brush in it? Are you meant to pick up just one shade from the little bits? Argh, seemed frustrating to be honest. But hey ho, I had to try it.

For amazing £2.50 (who actually makes a cheaper mosaic blush out there?) it comes generously in 8.9g plastic container, which is pretty standard (it could be more sturdy, as the lid of mine feels a bit loose already, but that might be just the one I got, eh). What I really like is that it is round rather than square, which makes the brush manipulation easier.

Shade 3 English Rose has got 5 different colours in its mosaic. There are two shades which I would assume add pinkness, two shades which add bronziness and a purply shade which adds glow and highlight. Pretty good combo, I would say. Hight expectations, right? All the shades also have got quite a shimmer to them, which I was a bit sceptical about at the beginning, as I do not like shimmery face too much.

Now to the application. You have to swirl your brush in the blush a few times to pick up enough colour (which for £2.50 is not such a big deal, that you use more product for one application, and this also helps to avoid the 'lack of pigmentation' issue many bloggers talk about). I do not have the palest of skins to be honest, I'm usualy the second lightest shade of foundation in winter, the third in summer, however I do not use fake tan, and it does show up on my skin tone nicely. To me it seems that all the different shades do their job on their own. It sorta gives you a bit of countour, a bit of blush and a highlight on the top. The shimmer is actually not bad at all, it makes my skin look glowy rather than shimmery, which is just the right balance! Plus it stays on for a fair part of my day (although it doesn't beat Sleek, because that boy does not move whole day). By the way, I know that I tend to praise MUA's colour choice, but they really are good at it! I sometimes wonder who is responsible for mixing the colours. This blush is just the perfect pink shade for me, which is almost unbelievable. Last time I liked a powder pink blush was I recall Miss Sporty's pot when I was about 17!?   

Here you can see a (very amateur and slightly washed off by winter sun) picture with this blush on, shows up pretty well, don't you think? Now, this picture has not been taken for this review, to be honest. It has a totally different purpose which I want you to know about. So listen... 

Oh, oh, not yet. Before we move on, have you subscribed to MUA's newsletter? Well you should, because I'm in it (yaaaaay, thanks MUA!!) and you could be too! Go to MUA's Facebook and sign up for it! Now finally I'm getting to the point.  

The Style Bite has come with one of the most inspiring projects I've come across since I've been reading blogs. This project  called Beautiful Bloggers supports not only bloggers as such, but mainly women who are (always) insecure about their appearance. Basically, what you do is write a list of your insecurities and together with your picture you send it to Kate, who runs this blog. She will send your picture (only) to another person who is taking part in this project and that person will come up with reasons why they think that you're beautiful. After this stage, all pictures, and insecurities will be posted on Kate's blog and people will have opportunity to comment on pictures of each other and boost each other's confidence! (Trolls will be silenced by Kate as she's got full control over comments published)

I think this is an amazing way to get to know more people and to help someone, not only yourself, feel more confident about themselves! 

What do you think about this project? 
And what do you think about the MUA blush? Does it show up on your skin or not? Would you recommend the mosaic bronzer as well?