Since yesterday I got a bit too much into lecturing you about history of Avon, I thought that some Avon review would be more than appropriate for today. Nothing too heavy to digest on Saturday afternoon! Oh, by the way - did you know that Pixiwoo are in Avon Profession Make-Up Artist Team?

I didn't actually think I had anything from Avon, until I dug deep into my make-up stash. Voila! I use these lip glosses quite regularly, but never really paid attention to what brand they were *facepalm*. After briefly searching through Avon's offer I assume that these lip glosses have been discontinued? At least I would say the colours, because there are two lines of Glazewear available at the moment, but none of them include the shades I've got. If you are more familiar with Avon, let me know!

Anyways, as I remember, that's one of the things that used to be a bit disappointing for me. Because of a high turnover and the catalogue strategy of selling, they rarely keep one product for a long time. Once you fall in love with one particular lipstick shade, next time it might not be in the catalogue anymore. Which, looking at it now, is not such a big deal, why to stick to one shade all the time? Seasons change and trends change, therefore it's quite a challenge that Avon keeps pushing you to try new colours! Here is an overview of the ones I own.

Now let's jump into it and look at each particular lip gloss and its pros and cons! The first one is Gold Lip Gloss in Ruby Lustre. What I really love about all these lip glosses, no matter what shade, is that they are non-sticky (super non-sticky to be precise!), they don't burn my lips and have no taste to them. Gold Lip Gloss is apparently meant to be 24k lip gloss (do not expect real gold for about £6) and the shade is really lovely, especially in the tube. It is proper festive ruby colour with golden shimmer in it. As you can see below, the consistency seems fairly thick when on the applicator, however it appears rather liquidy and therefore sheer on lips. The colour pay off is not amazing, but it does add a nice 'juiciness' to the lip. What I do not like about this lip gloss is that it emphasises fine lines in lips, where the colour 'sits in'. It also does not stay on for amazing amount of time, although nothing surprising for a lip gloss. Not to forget, the tube has got golden matte lid, which makes it stand out from the other glosses and gives it quite a luxurious feel!   

The next one is Glazewear Dazzle in Pink Radiance, which is probably my favourite one. It's pretty much a baby pink colour with a little bit of 'cool-toned' sparkle. The consistency is a little bit thicker than the Gold Lip Gloss, and staying powere is therefore slightly longer (still dont count more than an hour plus no eating/speaking hah). The application is also easier, because of the nature of this colour. You can't really mess it up even without mirror, whereas the previous one would be a bit of a risky action.   

Glazewear Extreme in Pink Shine makes me frown a little. Not the actual lip gloss, but the name does. Pink? Shine? Where? This is definitely a coral/brick red colour, I would even be happy with simple orange! And I wouldn't go crazy about the shine either. Pretty decent, but the dazzle definitely shines more if anything. Apart from the name confusion, this lip gloss reminds me more of a liquid lipstick. It has got a fairly thick consistency, which however 'melts' on your lips. It is quite an opaque shade if you layer it a bit, and gives a nice shade on your lips. What I like about this one is that, even though the colour is quite opaque, it does not define fine lines like number 1. I wouldn't apply it without a mirror though for the same reason. It does not stay on for too long, but leaves a nice 'bitten' effect on your lips.  

Finally, a clear number. With SPF 15 sounds like a perfect clear lip gloss. There is basically nothing to complain about as to the consistency and shade. However, as I like to moan about things, there is one thing that does not make me 100% happy (and I'm not talking just about this particular gloss). Why do they put them in transparent tubes? Even though the lip gloss might be okay regarding expiration date and all that sort, it does not look good. And make-up products should look fab, right? Plus since its a clear gloss, you often want to use it over a lipstick and hence the applicator will necessarily get a tinge of the colour. Oh well. Since the gloss stays on for a fair amount of time and is non-sticky, just like the rest of them, I will close my eyes and be a happy girl!

To sum up this Avon experience - I'd give it a go! I blame my personal preference for not liking the applicator, as I hate fighting with the wand (I still prefer the squeeze out ones, which you can even squeeze out on a brush if you please) and the staying power is not super amazing, but considering these are just lip glosses, it is fairly regular.

Although I may sound quite negative about these, I like them. A lot actually. They are all you want from lip gloss:
  • non-sticky
  • no-scent
  • no-taste
  • don't slide down your lips
  • don't dry out your lips
  • don't burn
For more colours, go and check out Avon website or have a browse through E-bay!

Have you tried Avon lip glosses? Do you like them? How do you achieve longer staying power?