How annoying is this year's English winter?! It's not cold enough (plus no snow) to enjoy full on winter pieces, but it's not warm enough to wear autumn/spring clothes. Since October I've been struggling with not only choosing the right clothes for the weather, but also with shopping - am I meant to buy woolly jumpers or short tops? Today I said enough.
Spring it is! 

I had some free time on my hands in the morning, so I ran into the city centre to have a look around, not expecting much. But look what I've found! I came across some really good bargains and decided to share them with you.

First stop - The Body Shop. I know that they had some great Christmas/January sales, but I couldn't be bothered to fight with the constant crowds in a shop. Well, now I guess, maybe I should have.    

Body butters of all sorts (I assume it was the old collection), were discounted to £5 each. Not bad! And some shower gels were for £2 or £2.50, which is definitely the lowest price you can get. I picked up Passion Fruit body butter, because it doesn't have too overwhelming smell, and because body butter is probably the only thing that can save my skin after this afwul rainy weather. I also picked 100% biodegradable soap free shower gel, because it smells unbelievably fresh (and because you can never have too many shower gels stocked up!).  

It would not be me if I didn't go to H&M. Sometimes I even find myself wearing 100% H&M outfit, that's how badly addicted I am to that shop. They still have got the old sale going on and it does not seem to be ending any time soon, there are still millions of racks full with old OLD lines.    

I picked up this sailor slouchy top (only £6.99) from the new collection, because I saw it in the new catalogue some time ago and thought it looked lovely with just plain black or white shorts. The top has got three-quarter sleeves and a little pocket at the front, which makes it look a little less boring compared to other sailor tops. And I've never had a sailor top, anyways! The next thing I picked up was this cute lipbutter (£2.99) from the new make-up collection! Of course, I do have about a million jars of lipbalms and lipbutters, but this one caught my eye, because the flavour is fresh pear & SWEET PEAS. Yes, sweet peas. I'm not sure if it does smell like peas, more like pear I guess, but I'm definitely curious about this little boy. 

Finally I stopped in Primark. I never expect anything amazing in Primark, because most of the time I like something and when I make the effort of trying it on, it looks hidious on me and I'm leaving the shop disappointed. This time I found some pretty good pieces in there! Black-brown block slouchy top (only £5!) has got a little front pocket and three-quarter button sleeves, like a lot of Primark tops do. It is made from really thin comfy material, but because it is quite see-through, I got a nude vest top (£2.50) to go with it.

My definitely most favourite pick though is this pair of petrol green suede leggings (only £6!). I'm not even joking when I say that I adore suede leggings. I already have got grey and brown ones and these are just the perfect shade for spring! I'm not courageous enough to pull off bright colours which are gonna be trending this spring, so this is the ideal compromise for me. On the top of it, I got a cream/black skull scarf (£3), because last year I got the reversed colour one, and I kept wearing it whole summer. It goes with almost anything and gives the outfit a bit of edge!

Have you started spring shopping or you still sticking to winter?