I have officially found the best drugstore lipgloss and pink eyeshadow ever (at least known to me). This is probably that kind of review that you read everywhere, just a mono eyeshadow and lipgloss (not even in an overly exciting tube), but these two do work and they do have the most outstanding colours I've seen in a long time when it comes to drugstore make-up!

I will be honest with you, I did not think really highly of MUA's lipglosses at first. Well, I don't like any lipglosses after all. I think lipglosses are sticky and they either tingle or slide down my lips. Bleh. Not even talkin about hair getting stuck it in. But the other day I was reading MUA's blog and I came across this MUA lipgloss in shade 4 which looked just like Nars Orgasm colour. Hmm. I get easily attracted by this sort of shade. And by anything with flecks and differently coloured shimmer (if it makes sense). And since these lipglosses are only a quid, why not to try it right? And take my word for this - it is the best lipgloss I've ever had (and I've tried tons, from Avon to Soap & Glory and Lancome). 

It comes in a regular (boring) tube, which is actually really handy as you are not forced to fight the applicator and the end of the tube had got the usual 'slanted tip' (is there any term for this?) so the application is super easy. 

The consistency is not too thick, but not too thin either. And it is far from sticky. Just imagine a lipgloss which does not stick your lips together but still does not slide down with the lipstick. It does not tingle and has only a subtle fruity smell to it, which disappears shortly after application, and does not have any taste to it at all (not even chemical or artificial, which unscented glosses tend to have). It does not have amazing lasting power, but what lipgloss does right. You can make it stay on longer if you put a lipstick as a base. Or you can just reapply as often as you want!  

Now to the colour. It is a peachy pinky (brick-y?) shade with red glitter/shimmer in it, which is really subtle and you cannot 'feel' it in it, it does not look chunky or anything, but it is still visible on your lips. It looks more like flecks of gold rather than glitter! Now excuse my totally unphotogenic lips, and look at the amazing orgasm-y colour! 

The following picture is with Rimmel Kate Moss No.3 as a base to give it a bit more shade, because the lip gloss on its own is fairly transparent.

Overall, I love this lipgloss and will definitely look into more colours (plus stock up on this one!) and I highly recommend you have a look at it yourself!

Now the the pearl eyeshadow. While browsing through the MUA counter, my eye stumbled upon this eyeshadow in 22 - pearl. Because this is not just a regular boring pink (in a boring monoshadow form).   

It is not the easiest job to describe this colour, as it is sort of baby pink shade more on a chalk white side, with pearl flecks in it, which makes the colour slightly change colour in different light. This type reminds me a lot of Checkpoint Charlie from Catrice's Berlin palette. It is great for block application (hence the monopot is not such a bad thing after all, because you will need quite a fair amount of the product). 

The texture is nice, it has a more than decent colour payoff (MUA is an eyeshadow pro) and it glides nicely on creating the usual MUA silky feel on your skin. It has a great staying power (pretty much whole day for me). For a quid you can't go wrong with such a quality product!   

I like applying it as a block colour with a bit of MUA's black eyeshadow on both lash lines. Used it for past 2 days and already got compliments, hehe!

Do you like lipglosses or do you prefer lipsticks? Do you get also drawn easily to unusual colours?